Liege Waffle Recipe

While in lovely Salt Lake City, Jacinda and I dashed through the rain (sharing an umbrella, romantic) for a Machine Gun Sandwich and liege waffles at Bruges Waffles. The waffle was so mouth-wateringly delicious, with a little crunch and lots of cinnamon-y sweetness, that I had to try making one myself.

Most liege waffle recipes call for Pearl Sugar, which is a swedish sugar that most of us don’t have on hand. I made mine without pearl sugar, and they were close enough to please. Let me share my liege waffles recipe after the jump…

Liege Waffles Recipe

In a bowl combine:
I packet yeast
1/3 cup warm water
Pinch salt

Let that sit for 15 minutes to bloom.

Then in your mixer or a large bowl, pour 2 cups of flour. Mix in the yeast mixture, 3 eggs, and a cup of melted butter. Let this mixture sit until it doubles in size.

Add a cup of pearl sugar if you have it, if not turbinado sugar works pretty well. Or you could smash up some sugar cubes. Regular sugar will not do the trick, as a liege waffle needs carmelized sugar, and regular sugar will mix/melt too fast. Let it sit another 20 minutes.

Now whip out your waffle iron and get to making liege waffles! They take about 4-6 minutes to cook. You’ll want a crispy dark crust on them, which you’ll find maybe a minute after the iron starts steaming or a little less.

A trick I like for keeping a pile of waffles warm is to hear the oven to 250 degrees and place a cooling rack on a cookie pan on the middle shelf. Then as your waffles come off the iron, stick them in there. But probably your family will just eat them all as they come out of the waffle iron and you will be left standing, hoping there is one left.

These waffles are so full of carmelized sweetness they don’t really require syrup or any other topping, except maybe some fruit.





We went to Belgium last year and we LOVE our liege waffles. But, IMO, they really have to be done right if you're going to try to do them at home. Without pearl sugar, you really MUST substitute crushed sugar cubes. And the pieces have to be big – I cut my sugar cubes in fourths and use them that way. All that carmelized sugar really messes up your waffle iron, but it's great. We liked this recipe:


Sounds yummy! When the weather gets hot, alot of times I resort to breakfast, so as not to heat up the house even more. This sounds like a delicious variation to try! Thanks .:)

Mallory Strange

They sell pearl sugar at Ikea- it's the only place I've been able to find it, and the waffle shops I've found in the US all recommend Ikea as the best place to get it aside from the internet! It's in the market section near the check out and it really does make a difference!

Bonnie Michelle

I'll forward this on to my husband since he's the master of waffles in our house. I don't think I've made a single waffle in 5 years and we eat them almost every weekend!
I may just have to make a trip to Ikea to get the right sugar πŸ™‚


They almost look like cookies! And the ingredients are super simple and already in my house… Day 1 of my diet almost blown lol. I'm gonna go look up salad recipes πŸ˜‰


Funny — we finally made the trip to that waffle place last week; my sil has been raving about it for the last year. This is a yummy substitute — add a bit of cinnamon or vanilla (or both) and you're good to go! Thanks so much!

Sewing Princess

I lived in Belgium for several years…and it was hard to stay away from all the waffles stand you would find in your way. Thankfully I go back from time to time. One difference though is that they never use cinnamon. Belgians serve them with whipped cream, coated in chocolate or with whipped cream and strawberries. They cost about 2 dollars each…and now I am hungry!


I love waffles. The best thing about waffles is using maple syrup on top! We went to Vermont and have some 'real' maple syrup. πŸ™‚ I am totally trying these waffles soon!


You mentioned that the waffles were cinnamon-y sweetness, but in the recipe, there is no mention of cinnamon? I'm confused :~(


ha ladyljp, did i not mention that you could also add cinnamon? the ones we had at bruges waffles were cinnamon, and they were very yummy as well.


[…] the waffles crunchier. I’ve been wanting to try making leige waffles at home (here’s a recipe), but I thought I’d share my current favorite (regular) waffle recipe […]

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Are you sure about the cups of flour? I tried just now this recipe and the batter was very liquid, pretty much like normal waffles batter and I believe it is supposed to be more consistent for liege waffles…
Just wanted to confirm… thanks


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