Life Lessons?

What are the lessons, if you were no longer around to reflect them, that you would want your child to see in your memory?  What is it that you hope on your best day to represent as a parent?  These are heady questions for a craft blog I know, but I am working on the final manuscript for Prudent Advice for My Baby Daughter, and I am circling the terrifying completion of the list.  Something about reaching the end of it feels very finite, I feel certain I have missed some universal truths or indispensable tips or practical considerations that my daughter should know.  If you have a moment, please consider this question and share with me your thoughts.  If your contributions inspire one of the 500 Pieces of Prudent Advice you will be credited in the acknowledgements and I will be grateful.  If sharing in the comments feels too public, please email me at  I read and enjoy every single email and work hard to respond to all of them.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday.



Desiree Fawn

What comes to my mind first is: Don't hold a grudge. Sometimes it's just worth it to be the bigger person to save a relationship. A smile can go a long way, especially if you've forgotten why you're upset — as is the case with many a grudge.

Diana M.

Sounds corney and obvious but my mom and dad always said: "Be happy". Take a moment and enjoy where you are, what you are doing, who you are with and mainly be happy in your life. When you are happy you reflect that and make people around you be happy as well. You become more approachable and even more healthy in a way.

Another that has changed me was one my husband said to me: "Let it go". Mainly useless worries that might affect you or even sicken you. Living your life expecting the unexpected or waiting for a big -what if- that might not even happen make you unhappy. Just let it go. Worries, grudges (as Desiree said, dumb beliefs, what ifs. Just let them go.

Hope this helps. Love your site. Please keep sharing it. I still don't have kids but I know they have helped me and opened my eyes to some obvious things and I am surely wanting to share it with family and maybe someday a baby of my own.


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Hello! I just came across your blog and I’m so happy I did! I thought I posted a comment yesterday but it looks like it never showed up. I just moved to Denver this past summer and baking here has been a killer for me! I can’t wait to try out some of your recipes and hopefully have some better luck in the kitchen. Are all your recipes adapted for high altitude baking?


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