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I can’t be the only one who instantly thinks of 10 people who would appreciate this DIY Crochet Yoda from So Happy Together. Yay for crafty gifts for boys… er, men… er, man-boys… er, geeky brothers.

These DIY Dryer Balls from Green Eyed Monster are too GORG to hide away in the laundry room but saving on electricity and dryer-time is pretty sweet. Make some extra for a pretty display in a bowl or apothecary jar or even hang them from the Christmas tree. In a smaller size, how pretty would they be for a girly necklace?!

This link is for Carleton Curtis… Mmmm, bacon. Catch this round-up of play food/kitchen tutorials from One Pretty Thing, including this bacon perfection from Chasing Marcus.

Loving these quick-to-make leaves from Wise Craft just strewn on the table, in a bowl or on a garland. The recycled knits give them great character.


Quilting Arts has a nice tutorial for Sewing Faux Fur and a Free Faux Fur Bolero DIY.

Silly Precious Piggies is giving away 3(!) beautiful handmade roll-up totes. Go enter before Tuesday November 23rd. If you win, you have to send me one.

We have a soft-spot for men who craft so we love Daddy Day Care. Funny how man-crafts involve many more power tools.

Jaime and I are the proud new owners of Brother 5234PRW Sergers, but more on that later, this Draped Cardigan Tutorial from Ginger, Boo and Pickles looks like a fantastic beginner serger project for a preggo mama like myself.

You know that the day after Thanksgiving you are going to think… I forgot to make an advent calendar again! So here are some fab ideas from Omiyage to get you inspired before it’s too late!

There are lots of magnetic alphabets out there but I adore this scrappy take on the project from Spearmint Baby.

You bloggy types should read 9 Easy Blog Fixes for Better Community.

Susan, a wise Prudent Baby reader, suggested that the next time we do a contest, we team up with a great organization like Craft Hope and donate our creations to a charity. Could you give up those beautiful aprons? Maybe you could make one extra. Check out their current projects. Seems like alot of fun and a great cause! And Kelly introduced us to National Tie One On Day. She made our Fat Quarter Apron and wrapped some homemade granola up in it as a gift for her daughter’s teachers. Wait… National Tie One On Day has nothing to do with sipping champagne in a fabulous apron? hmn…

Happy weekend Ladies! Don’t forget to leave a ‘lil comment for a chance to win that scrumptious blue yarn and come back this afternoon to see the winner and the next FRIDAY{SURPRISE}PRIZE. What we won’t do for comments.




Damn. I wish I knew how to crochet now. My husband just might love that Yoda. We had a Yoda ice sculpture at our wedding. (See it here! )

I swear we're not big Star Wars nuts, we just thought it was funny. And I'd think he'd find some humor in that little knit Yoda, too! It's too cute!

Team Botanical

Tie one on day really doesn't involve drinking? This is so upsetting.

I mean, at the very least, they should incorporate it in someway. Maybe a nice sponsorship by Moet & Chandon is in order.


Thanks so much for linking to my tote giveaway! hWat a lovely surprise it was this morning to find so many new entries, many of whom said you sent them. Such a blessing…thanks!

Must try those dryer balls…they are gorgeous!


Mom, geek is a term of endearment! And FYI he has already informed me that he DOES in fact want a crochet Yoda. I know him well. : )


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