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Hmmm… Link Love is a little late this morning…and written by Jaime instead of Jacinda… I wonder why that would be…

This was a bit last minute, and I’m excited about my new gig contributing to Babble’s Family Style blog, so I compiled my finds for this week:
Beautiful Handmade Red Hair Accessories for V Day
Ants aren’t so pesty if they look this pretty
Three Kings Day printables
Keep Kids Teeth Clean in Style
Vintage Lotto Games
Cute Boots 1/2 Off

Baby Trends: Native American Fashion Trend Goes Mini

10 Adorable Matryoshka Products Under $20
5 Crazy Expensive Baby Items
Taxidermy Birds?
Boodalee Bedding 50% Off
Grown Up Nursery Rugs That Won’t Break the Bank: 10 for under $60

A Vintage Valentine’s Day

And more…

The dreaded mom butt.

Free pattern for an adorable crochet panda-ear hat.

Our friend, pyschotherapist and science writer Heather Turgeon, has a great piece on how dad’s brains change after baby, check it out here: Dad’s Brain

Love all of these recipes for Eastern European food, makes me miss my days backpacking, from Barbara Roleck.

In the spirit of vanquishing monsters, we love the Tickle Monster Laughter Kit.

My friend nico just sent this quote… had to share with you: “Show me a woman who doesn’t feel guilty and I’ll show you a man.” -Erica Jong

Happy Friday!



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