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You MUST check out this Colour Book (fancy spelling) that Megan made for her daughter. So beautiful and inspiring!

This corsage would make a perfectly lovely Valentine’s day gift for your Mama or the kid’s teachers.

These Poms are just the beginning of the wonderful array of DIYs to be found on new-to-me site Craft Snob. Seriously, go there now, you will love it!

And Babyjives (maker of my most favorite mobiles ever) has a tute for Valentine’s Day Felt Cookies. We play tea party so much around here that we really need to add these to the mix. So pretty!

An adorable collection of iphone/smartphone cases that would make a great little gift or your geeky sweetie. Mmmm, I love me some man-geek.

Valentine’s Day Egg in a Nest recipe with DIY Ketchup heart bonus.

I’m still on a bit of an origami kick from last week. Here are 4 ways to fold a letter into a pretty heart.

Adorable Whimsical Pillows.

And because I seem to have created an unintentionally Valentine’s Day themed post, adorable crocheted hearts.

You might want to know that all Alexander Henry is on sale at fabricworm this weekend.

and lastly…
A favor to ask of our lovely readers. Would you please head over to Ohdeedoh and vote for us as your favorite Kids Design Blog? It’s an honor to be nominated, but seriously, how rad would it be to win!? Seriously, rad. You need to register with Apartment Therapy to vote.

Then come back and let us know that you voted so that we may say… “Thank you very very much!” Your comment could win you a sweet little potholder kit.



Sew on and Sew on

I voted for you, but just because I love your site, not for the potholder (although that fabric is wonderful and I'd love to have it!). Please keep up all the great work — finding this site was one of the best things that happened to me last year … well, except for that whole giving birth thing… ๐Ÿ˜‰


I voted! I adore your site! Its my first stop in the morning, after email. And I LOVE your links today! We have colour books (made by priddy books) that my girls love…What a fun idea to make your own! Have a great day!


Can I just say I love the picture of you two up there on the welcome? I don't know how long it's been there, but I'm just noticing it. It says, "Hi, we are the two moms putting our heads together to bring you Prudent Baby. Plus, we both have really nice teeth. Nice to meet you."

Mama Bear

No clever comment because the coffee hasn't made it to my brain yet. Just want to say that I voted for you because you are on my "must read" list every day. Here's to Prudent Baby! Helping Mama Bear procrastinate for oh, about five months now!


I voted! I love your site and have to visit daily, and in my spare time I'm usually crafting something wonderful that I've found on your site. Your instructions and pictures are so easy to follow, and they give me the confidence to try different, new things that I've never tried before. I thank you for that, especially since my little muse entered my life in 2009 and I've been creating things for her ever since!
Good luck with the voting, you guys should totally win!


Your website has been like a spider web for me, branching out to many other awesome sites! Love Craft Snob, but they still don't come close to you guys…you both inspire me everyday to be more than "just home" as a mommy!


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