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Oh Anna Maria! Look at this workspace she is about to move into. Sigh…
And while your there, get a peek at her new collection, Loulouthi, which will debut at Spring Quilt Market. If you live in SLC, Jaime and I will be there May 14th. Let’s get together!

I was briefly considering a book-themed birthday party for Miss Quinn Frances in 2 weeks. Um, here is THAT idea done perfectly, complete with DOWNLOADS!

sfgirlbybay is having some fun matching up iconic figures of the 60’s & 70’s with matching interiors. So fun and beautiful!

I don’t know anything about Mythbusters but I am obsessed with embroidered portraits. Maybe Jaime will do one of me on her new embroidery machine.


We have entered birthday season here at PB. First Scarlet, then Quinn and Clare in June. Clare wants a tea party. Here is a pretty one with lots of royal tie-ins from Amy Atlas.

These Hot Air Balloons would be fun to make with the kiddos

My husband pretty much knows the answer to any question… ever… but when he doesn’t know the answer, his fallback comment is “Google it.” So imagine his delight upon finding or Let Me Google That For You Dot Com. A site that creates a tiny URL linking to the goggle search results of your choosing, which you can then forward to the lazy wife who would rather ask you a question then Google it. Funny. For nerds.

I like these party hats

Looking for a handmade Father’s Day gift for the husband? Start collecting belts and make this.

But I have to go get some beauty rest because we have a family photoshoot at the crack of dawn with This Talented Lady! Can’t wait to show you what we get.  I’m nervous and excited!



Meg Ring

I've found two awesome birthday party hat ideas.. one is a crown made out of lace for those princess lovers ( and the other is a fabric birthday hat that you make yourself (I did this and it turned out great.. I'm just putting some finishing touches [jewels, ric-rac] on it ( .. just wanted to share for the upcoming birthdays. I'm sure ya'll have some spectacular things planned (you always do!) but you know, some linkage always helps get those creative juices a-flowin'. ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm so excited to see what ya'll come up with for the three ladies' birthdays! ๐Ÿ˜€


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