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EEEEgads this is cute! Me Sew Crazy remixed our Snap Wrap Dress into this adorableness. Check it out!

How to make paper twine from crepe paper. This is ingenious, I love it so much. Wait till you see how she did it, at Howdy.

Make origami numbers and turn them into nursery art at Bloesem Kids.

I want to go there. Everything about this place is inspiring to me (as I’m working on the patio redesign). Ridic awesome. At designtripper.

Isn’t this print lovely? It was designed by Nicole Balch and she has it available as a free printable on her site Making it Lovely!


I’ve been in Palm Springs all week working on my next book. I’d link to all of the wonderful and amazing things I wish you were here enjoying with me, but I already wrote about them all for Design*Sponge: The Palm Springs Guide.

Busy Mom Beauty Tricks, 11 great tips from our friend Sonya.

Tutorial for making a cute iphone sleeve at Sew Woodsy.

So I bought this little jumper off the sale rack at anthropologie (where it was hanging with the dresses), and I’ve been wearing it out & about with a straw hat and a cardigan feeling all cute-like. Then I just saw that it’s in the loungewear section of their website. So I guess I’ve been bumming around town in my pajamas. HA/:)/Ba ha ha ha/Boo yah/hee hee hee/jazz hands/SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. (sorry, it’s a facebook thing)

This fabric jewelry is so pretty.

Just thought I’d mention that my book is on sale on amazon right now. If you want to mail yours to me, I’ll totes sign it and send it back. I might even add a smiley face if jacinda would allow it.

What else we’re up to this week…
Giving away an awesome crib mattress. Enter here.
Being horrified by children’s bedding.
Rounding up the cutest stuff from the Renegade Craft Fair Austin.
Lusting after expensive baby clothes.
Rocking cheap hats.
Giving away the Hot Moms Handbook. Enter here.
Picking out our ten favorite Ikea outdoor products.
Sharing our fave summer toys on video.
Picking out kid’s music that doesn’t make us want to leave earth.
Imagining ourselves as Olivia Newton John.




That romper from anthropologie is too cute! I wouldn't have thought it was jammies either, although the ad did say "lounge wear" so you could justify it by saying that you were "lounging" around the city. It'd also be cute if you did a Ten-Minute Onesie on it and added a cute skirt.


I'm glad to know you've been out away and busy! I am embarrassed to admit that I checked back more often then usual (um, that means more then twice…extra embarrassing) to make sure I hadn't missed any creative goodness! Hurry home!


Dying at that story about the jumper. Reminds me of that Friends episode where Rachel was wearing lingerie and then the guy's parents came home and she told them, "Oh no, this is a dress!" And then they all went to dinner with her wearing her skivvies. Haha!


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