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A DIY and download to make these stunning paper drink parasols at A Field Journal.

Pom Pom cupcake toppers DIY at 6 Bittersweets.

Turn old paperbacks into custom hardbacks with OhDeeDoh.

Simple and fun tute for making a lantern from a tin can at Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics.

And more…

These book sculptures are stunning.

Next week Jacinda and I are meeting up in Chicago (along with our friend Rebecca from Cooking With My Kid) to check out the latest and greatest in cake decorating with Wilton. We’re such giant nerds for cake decorating, we can’t wait!  While we are there I have an appointment with Sonya from Parlor for a fab hair makeover. I’m going all out – color, cut, can’t wait! What do you think? Should I cut the bangs? Go ombre or highlights? Also plan to check out Longman & Eagle, yum.

I think I mentioned that I had the privilege of getting a little makeover and detailed lesson in beautification from Lori, head artist for Smashbox cosmetics. Oh geez, it was so awesome I don’t know where to start. I will have to do a post sharing a few tricks, but my fave is definitely this white pencil. I’ll tell you all about the magic it can do soon.

I’ve been working diligently on the patio redesign and I can’t wait to show you, but I still have some fabric dyeing to do and a few pieces of furniture I’m waiting for. Here’s my two favorite purchases so far (made with Membership Rewards points). This lamp from West Elm: Woven Seagrass Pendant. Also adore this Woven Wire Tote from Urban (on sale) which I put all my gardening tools in.

When we were in Folsom last week, a family friend gave Scarlet a travel aquadoodle. This is the finest travel toy money can buy! She’s obsessed and she played quietly on the plane the whole way home! It was so effective I had to mention it to you.

This week on Babble we are:
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Link Love always takes me so long to read because I have to check out all of the links and see if I agree with you. This week, I love the make-your-own hardcovers, and I enjoyed the dress your boy column. With a husband that thinks plaid and stripes match because they both have lines and who once put our 2 year old's dress on our 7 year old ("isn't this a shirt?), I dress the children. Period.

Crunchy Con Mommy

Hmmm for hair I think I'd vote for staying with a nice chocolately brown but add some auburn highlights to look summery, like you have been outside so much your hair got bleached by the sun naturally! I'd either keep it long enough for a ponytail or short enough it's cool enough without being up, because who wants to chase kids with sweaty hair on your neck all summer? And if your hair is really as straight as it looks in your pics, getting some razor cut layers could really show up nicely. I've done that a couple times and always loved it! I'm sure you'll look great though whatever you decide!


Totally love the tin can lantern! Amazing. I'm dying to know what the magical white pencil can do.


Have fun with Wilton — it can be addicting! I happen to live in the same town as their corporate offices, and when they have their tent sale, well, let's just say I'm a very good customer. LOL


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