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Why oh why did I not see these before the Sleeping Beauty Party?

A DIY custom specimen chart just might be the most perfect gift to celebrate someone special’s passion.

Elizabeth from Growing Home shares a DIY for an adorable Hot Mess Mommy Summer skirt. The Flirt Skirt!

Loving this sweet cloud and umbrella lunch combo. Sure to bring sunshine to your little one’s nosh.

ALSO {don’t you go anywhere!}

Our babysitter spends “my” money getting adorbs feather extensions in her hair at the salon. Here’s how you can get the look at home.

Hello, Pizza Pot Pie, my future lover.

Gingercake has an adorable new pattern, A Hobo-style Lunch Sack, that you are going to want.

Has anyone found a craft teacher through Betterfly? What a great concept.

Wow, this paper airplane party is stunning.

Angela Richardson, the photographer who did our family shoot a few months back, posted more of our pics on her blog. blush.

And we babble…

The tiny top hat trend {a slideshow}

The 20 most amazing tree houses in the world {a slideshow}.

Jaime ponders The Princess Phase

Prenatal yoga that defies gravity

What floats your boat? Last chance to leave a comment and maybe win the fun zoo fabric!



Last Paradise

Thank you for the link to Babble's Top 20 tree houses… I have harbored a secret desire to live in a tree house ever since reading and then seeing Swill Family Robinson. Dare to dream, right? Wow.

Jen @ My Own Road

Love the little lunchbox food! I wish someone would make my food that fun…when my hubby makes sandwiches, the sandwich looks like it's been through a war – red strawberry jelly seeping out EVERYwhere. This version is much cuter.


Thank you, Jaime and Jacinda, for featuring my skirt! I hope you're readers enjoy it–I'm getting so much wear out of mine that I'm thinking of making about three more for the summer. They're a super fun way to show off cute fabric:). Have a great weekend!


I hope the top hat trend overtakes the mustache trend. I just cannot get on board with that. Kids with facial hair? Gross.
LOL. Thanks for the links!


OMG, that baby in the frilly onesie and a top hat needs to come sit on top of one of your cakes… How cute!


what floats my boat is the warm summery weather, and projects that go with it of course! love the skirt tutorial, and the little summer rainy day lunch is just too cute!


Your photos are so fantastic! I just blogged about how we had our family photos done and I love them. The first photo of my husband and me that I like since our wedding, 2007. It makes me feel good, even if I am 30 pounds heavier!

Page Girl

Honestly as a preschool teacher, I would help open this lunch box and then have to walk around the school to show every teacher how fantabulous this rainy day reminiscent midday meal is!


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