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How to make firestarters, cute if you’re going to a summer bonfire or as a gift for someone with a fireplace! at EveryNothingWonderful.

Love the idea of giving someone a message egg anytime of year. DIY at Poppytalk.

Crushing on this josephine knot bracelet tute (made from an old t-shirt) at hotpolkadot.

Adorable 4th of July free printables at The Sweetest Occasion.

I am becoming obsessed with macrame.

This round up of flower headbands on Live & Enliven has me picturing Scarlet & I making princess flower chains while enjoying a luxurious sunday picnic in the shade…

A few 4th of July treat tutorials from the Prudent Baby archives…
First up, No-Bake 4th of July Ice Cream Floats.

Then some easy-peasy Jelly Bean Pods.

My friend Alice, her son, and her husband came to town for a visit. We went to the beach, bbq’d in the yard, AND he gave me a tattoo. Lewis Hess is amazing! I can’t wait for it to heal and do a post on it… if you want to see it. Scarlet called it a “stamp.” Seems a good enough explanation for now.

Fascinating quiz on Slate – see if you can match up the ingredients to the processed food. I mean, I couldn’t tell the difference between friend rice and cat food.

Love these DIY coffee bag covered side tables.

I am very, very excited about ABC’s new show, The Chew, and not just because I used to work there. Because it’s about FOOD. I love food.

Interesting list of dos and don’ts for Etsy sellers at handmadeology.

Watch as this woman gets one year’s worth of makeup applied to her face at Jezebel. Hypnotizing weirdness.

In this Hersay video I’m sharing a couple of my favorite new products for summer then we are discussing whether men wearing babies is sexy. Don’t even get me started.

May you have sparkly 4th’s filled with family, food, and freedom!


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