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5 Strand Braided T-shirt Headband. I need 50 of these!

Garden bounty overload? Try delicious Zucchini or Summer Corn Soup.

This Peach Mango Tea Sangria would look perfect on Jaime’s new patio.
5 Killer Peach-Flavored Cocktails

Adorable wrist pin cushion tutorial. Make 2 and send to a friend!


Oodles of DIY’s to temporarily turn any table into a stylish lemonade stand at Fiskars.

Three Reasons Why One Pretentious Curmudgeon Might Give Up on Printed Books
Do you geek over miniatures? Get your gown-up doll house fix here.
How did I miss these homemade toy fireflies made from plastic Easter Eggs?

And we Babble…

Baby-Led Weaners, you’ve sold me, now what?

You can stop house-hunting, we found your next place.

If you want your baby to smell ever so slightly like a delicious all-natural creamcicle, you might want to win this.

No Pool, no problemo, Jaime has 10 DIY pools for your chillin’ pleasure.

Your talent blows us away. Here are 10 Gorgeous Handmade Shops run by Prudent Mamas. And here are 10 MORE Gorgeous Handmade Shops.

Jeesh, some people will do anything for a laugh.

Do you do your toddlers toes? Take the poll.

Have a splendiferous weekend!




Love the links! I'm very interested to check out the peach cocktail links, but I think it's messed up! Just fyi! đŸ™‚


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