Link Love

5 Strand Braided T-shirt Headband. I need 50 of these!

Garden bounty overload? Try delicious Zucchini or Summer Corn Soup.

This Peach Mango Tea Sangria would look perfect on Jaime’s new patio.
5 Killer Peach-Flavored Cocktails

Adorable wrist pin cushion tutorial. Make 2 and send to a friend!


Oodles of DIY’s to temporarily turn any table into a stylish lemonade stand at Fiskars.

Three Reasons Why One Pretentious Curmudgeon Might Give Up on Printed Books
Do you geek over miniatures? Get your gown-up doll house fix here.
How did I miss these homemade toy fireflies made from plastic Easter Eggs?




Love the links! I'm very interested to check out the peach cocktail links, but I think it's messed up! Just fyi! đŸ™‚


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