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Adorbs free printable air-mail themed thank you notes on How About Orange.

Love these little wearable necklace planters!

Cute little hand sewn notebooks DIY.

Spice container magnets DIY at Martha Stewart. Can you imagine anything cuter on your fridge (besides your kid’s drawings of course)?

This bracelet is amazing. AND super simple to make! Get the full tutorial at Honestly WTF.

Loving this simple DIY boot box, could use one for my gardening shoes.

I might have to try this homemade mosquito repellant recipe.

I was recently interviewed by dating guru Jenn X for her column on men, dating, and Los Angeles. I don’t know much about dating or men, but I know LA pretty well. Here’s what I had to say. Wondering, did your mom say the same thing to you? And have you found it to be true?

Why does it seem like kids could read the same books every bedtime and be totally happy? Do they not understand that it always turns out the same? I realize it is me that gets bored (i know olivia by heart), and I’m okay with that. Books are one thing I never feel guilty about buying more of. Hence, I’m always looking to expand our library. So I was very excited to see that fellow babble blogger, temporary ex-pat, mother of six, and generally awesome human being, Gabrielle Blair (also known as Design Mom), compiled a list of her Top 50 Picture Books. I couldn’t agree more! I even found a few we didn’t know about. Definitely check it out.

Cucumber Limeade recipe.. Want. With vodka perhaps? Oh, that reminds me of the recipe for Infused Cucumber Vodka I shared last year. Get on that!

I’m off with the hubs for a vaca to the US Virgin Islands next week. It’s our first vacation since driving the autobahn six months pregnant (wrote an essay about that here: Motherhood as the End of Adventure?) – that was almost FOUR YEARS AGO. Got any tips on restaurants, activities, or beaches that we simply must-not-miss?

Good thing we chose the USVI, because I just went to look for my passport and cannot find it. Why do I suspect it’s covered in stickers and shoved in a toy bin somewhere, hmm. Should have made an adorable passport sleeve with the detailed tutorial at bunnybum, then sewn it to my hand or something.

We both write weekly columns for Babble. Here’s what we were sharing this week…
A round up of 12 edible flowers and how to cook with them.
Giving away three sets of mother-daugher matching Hello Kitty Vans: Enter now.
What Jacinda is packing for her trip to Mexico (love that swimsuit for post baby bod, can’t believe it’s so inexpensive!), and the cutest mexican-inspired kid fashion and gear. We are both obsessed with those baby dresses, we have in all colors, so good for hot summers.
Sharing eight mini version of mid century modern furniture classics.
Giving some love to my ultimate favorite shoes.
Knee socks: not just for knees.
Taping our kids into their rooms.
Liking these fair trade felt toys and our new fave bubble bath.




LOVE the wearable plant necklaces! And they're such a great deal – perfect gift for any nature lover! I have to say that I never used to be a fan of Link Love – I always just wanted the crafty goodness, but I'm finding it quickly is becoming one of my favorite things. You guys rock!


That wearable plant necklace is tres couture! I love it… if my kids weren't apt to yank on all my jewelry, I would be buying it in a heartbeat.


Sitting here in adorable, yet excruciating snake skin espadrilles. Ordered the ultimate favorite shoes the minute I pulled them up on babble. Thanks!!!


thanks for featuring my notebooks đŸ™‚ love the magnet tins idea.. I have some empty mint tins sitting around. I did a post on covering these tins as well.


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