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Peruse a slew of lovely tutorials including this gorgeous rag rug at Maggie Made.

Turn your kid’s drawing into a pillow using this crazy cool technique from inkodye.

Cute Food For Kids rounds up 14 Decorative Straw DIYs.

Every Little Day turns one of Made By Joel’s fun coloring sheet into an adorable embroidery pattern.


I would like to find a discarded bench and do this with it.

Jaime’s dog has this and it’s getting to that point. She is sad. Anyone out there coped with this? Any thoughts on preparing your kid for the passing of a beloved pet?

Netflix tip: Try not to watch every episode of Party Down in one sitting. We dare you.

Over on our facebook page, a reader asked for some ideas and inspiration for her one year old’s Top Gun themed birthday party. Umm, YES. So far my favorite (I think, it’s a tough call), is a play area labeled “Danger Zone.” Give her some more ideas in the comments!

Are you following us on twitter? I’m kinda becoming obsessed with it. Like this week when Martha Stewart asked “am i hip?”



Sharon (mama to Adam)

Well this is not related to the party idea, well I guess I do have one suggestion. One of the party gifts can be the big sunglasses that they wore. They can't be that expensive, may even have them at the dollar store.
My reason for commenting is I am looking for a template to make a motorcycle pillow or stuffy. we are going on our first airplane ride and my boy is in love with motorcycles. I wanted to surprise him with a motorcycle stuffy and needed some inspiration. Any ideas or have you covered this before? Thanks for inspiring creativity daily!! I look forward to it every day.


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