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Learn how to make a reusable chalkboard lunch bag so you can write loving messages (or reminders) to your kids. “Remember to eat your veggies! -Love, Mom”

Need some new shelving space in your home? Try making these beautiful, rustic hanging shelves.

Gay dad speaks up about what it is like sending his daughter to school.

Scrumptious chocolate covered banana treats!

Get Prudent Baby updates on your Facebook. Send some ideas our way for questions such as, What are some low-budget ways to spend time with your hubs?

Rune Guneriussen lights up the world, one photo at a time.

Emily Martin from Inside a Black Apple reveals that her next book, an illustrated novel, will be out January 2012!

Can you believe Halloween is just around the corner? Start decorating with these 5-minute pumpkins!

Tom Waits meets Cookie Monster.

Use this SLR simulator to learn how to take even better pictures of your kids!

Hop on over to our Prudent Baby Twitter to keep up with the tweets of the day!

Back-to-school pencil case out of a mailing tube.

Rockabye Baby! Sneak peek of their new 2-CD set.
Lullaby covers of Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Arcade Fire and even Kanye West!

Labor Day Antipasti and Vegetarian BBQ menu suggestions. Complete with a super easy recipe of Rose Sangria with White Peach and Cucumber!


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