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Now is the time to start planning those car and airplane activities to keep the kids occupied on those holiday trips. Amy, from Eat Drink Chic, created this adorable memory game and even included a free PDF Popsicle download.

Keep those Halloween ideas coming. With so many costumes to choose from it is hard to pick just the right one. Is it bad that I wish Halloween came up more than once a year? Then I can get use out of all these ideas like this precious little parrot.

With our busy schedules, on-the-go games are just what we need. The simpler the better. Something like just rolling out a rug would be nice.

We must kiss our long summer days goodbye now that Fall is here. Time to bring in that homemade outdoor theater. Don’t worry though these DIY basic and intricate shadow puppet theaters will do just the trick in keeping those playwright imaginations running. The show must go on!

I can honestly say that I don’t own any of these crazy and wacky gadgets, yet. I could definitely use a soda chariot and a burger form at the next barbecue.

One of the cutest dress patterns I have seen in a while and she even has patterns for shoes.

If your kid has never flown before or is nervous about flying this is a great activity to do with him or her to help with those pre-flight jitters.

This Fall time recipe always makes my mouth water when I read it. I think it’s time to start cooking.

Do you ever wonder how photographers get that perfect shot of a sleeping newborn?

While Jaime and Jacinda are almost completely identical in every way, they are not actually the same person. To prove it they have created their own style pinboards unique to their own interests and personalities. What would you add to your own style pinboard?

If you are like me, you can always use some good new kids music to listen to. That is why I was so happy to find that Zooglobble just posted their top five kids music CD’s on Small Magazine.

The smell of pumpkin bread is in the air.

From ribbons to flowers to fabric galore. The Ribbon Retreat has it all.

As a kid we used a very uncomfortable book on our lap to make a desk. Now these look a lot more comfortable and you can make it yourself.

Remember those pictures of children’s bedrooms from around the world? Now get a glimpse into these children’s true Toy Stories of around the world.

Christmas is creeping up on us which means it’s time to start brainstorming those ideas. To get you started here are 18 easy Christmas craft ideas including our easy and fun to make stocking.




Thanks for featuring my parrot costume! What a lovely surprise to wake up to. Now, I'm off to find out more about that adorable dress pattern. – Jill @BabyRabies

Julie Anita

HOW DO PEOPLE KEEP GETTING INTO PINTEREST??? I've sent them so many invite requests, and I keep checking my spam folder just in case… it's like that cool table I didn't get to sit at in my high school cafeteria *crocodile tears*

On One Hand

I am beyond thrilled that you guys featured my play tent. Lots of love went into it so it's exciting to know that others love it as well! Such an honor as I've been reading (and loving) this blog for a while now, YAY!


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