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I Heart Math Platonic Solids Garland tute. I love everything about this. At minnieco.

These ladies are doing all the of the Project Runway challenges… on dolls. Awesome. At JustCraftyEnough.

Chocolate dipped sugar cubes would be adorbs at a tea party, at Cute Food for Kids.

Cool DIY for a light up paper village. Kids would go crazy. At fellowfellow.

I can’t tell if I love these or hate these. I think I love that they exist but might not wear them. Who am I kidding I would totally wear them.

Oh pinterest. Thank you for this trick of using spice racks to turn the sides of a dresser into a bookshelf. And these potato head cookies. A lot of work, but so cute.

On Facebook and Twitter I asked if any of y’all were currently pregnant, so there are at least 200 or so of you about to pop any minute! Then I got all kinds of emails and such asking ME if my asking YOU about your pregnancies was a way of indicating that I, too, might be pregnant. While I am not entirely opposed to the idea, my uterus is currently unoccupied. I’ll let you know if that changes with lots of tutorials on how to make ginger lollipops and ginger tea and DIY barf bags.

This is a cool tute for making string and nail letters. Kinda like the DIY yarn sun I made a few years ago.

What’s your go-to baby gift? Here’s 25 baby gifts that never go out of style.

I rounded up some of my favorite affordable artworks for the nursery. I love these so much they make my heart buzz.

And i will leave you with the awesome words of Brianne, who posted this on our facebook page: You know you’re addicted to sewing when you sit down at your computer desk and your foot automatically starts searching for the sewing machine pedal.


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Great links – and oh those shoes – how cool are they – I want!, I don't care that they look super high and utterly impractical.


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