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I started a tute on painting leather bags like two years ago and never finished it (sigh), but here’s a great one at Crown Hill. It’s so easy!

Loving the round up of best stationery DIYs at Design Sponge.

Make a friendship bracelet watch strap at i try DIY.

Adorable Valentine’s card from vintage music sheets, with free printable at Merriment Design.

This is the best parenting article you are going to read in a long time. Just trust me.

Anyone who brings any of these is for sure, most definitely, undeniably and eternally a good house guest.

Adorable lantern hand embroidery pattern just in time for Chinese New Year at Wild Olive.

Jacinda had an awesome photo lesson with Kristen Rae, I can’t wait to get the details in an upcoming post. How cute are they? I’m jealous of all the fun they had, but Jacinda is coming to visit me next weekend so nanny-nanny-nanny.

I spent the week in Folsom, CA with my wonderful family-in-law. Aren’t they all so lovely? I found some amazing milk glass, fed the baby lots of “shut up sticks,” and watched as men hurled children into the air, then posted about all of it on our facebook group and twitter.

Here’s 25 Ways to Teach and Celebrate the Year of the Dragon for Chinese New Year.

And an awesome wooden ipad toy handmade by the husband of a Prudent Mama.

This week I will leave you with this awesome picture of my daughter at the zoo.

Kisses mi amors!




Great links today…especially loe the parenting article…I sent that off to half a dozen friends and my husband! 🙂 (laughing to tears as I read it)


Seriously, you are right, the best parenting article ever! I was laughing/crying so hard I have to come back later to look at all the links 😉


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