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Does your little man need a special Valentine’s Day shirt for the 14th? I think I have the perfect applique in mind.

When I was young I went on a family vacation to Edinburgh, Scotland. Most of the trip is a blur except for the kilt that I got that looked just like this skirt. I think I wore that kilt for about 2 months straight. Always with something under it, of course.

Remember the Wooden Rainbow Arches tutorial we had up not too long ago? Well, those fantastically talented ladies from Shape of a Spoon have also come up with a tutorial for a Wooden Dollhouse Puzzle that you must try.

Now that you are getting the kids all squared away for Valentine’s Day it’s time to whip up something special for yourself, like this easy to make heart sweater.

Although it’s nice to be able to walk out in shorts and a t-shirt in February I do wish I had a taste of a snowy winter. I think these would be the first thing I’d have to sew up because shorts just wouldn’t do.

There’s still time to put up last minute Valentine’s Day decorations.

I never get tired of finding new ways to repurpose vintage suitcases.

Candles out of oranges sounds mouth-wateringly delicious.

They are loving our candy-free valentines and many more valentine ideas here.

Burning Man meets Dr. Seuss’ Oh the Places You’ll Go. Don’t be too quick to judge. It may bring you to tears.

We are absolutely loving the Princess and the Pea party from these 25 Unique Kids Birthday Themes. Which party are you dying to do?

I Heart Waffles. I really do. When you see why, you’ll heart them too.

Don’t you just love when you find a DIY that just makes your life that much easier? First, I found this genius way to start holding up my cords. Then, I discovered how insanely easy it is to make this stunning rug. I love when that happens.

I’m sure you have your favorite pinners. You know, the ones that always seem to have the best DIY crafts, recipes and style boards? Want to find out who Jacinda’s 5 favorite pinners are?

Last week on Fabric Friday we asked you to tell us a favorite phrase you heard growing up. We have been getting all sorts of wonderful responses in from, “Guess what, Squizzlebutt?” to “Let me rob this train Jesse.” Last night, however, I heard my friend say one to her daughter that I had never heard before. It goes something like this, I see your hiney. It’s nice and shiny. You better hide it. I’m gonna bite it! Kind of creepy? I love it. What other phrases did you grow up with?




“Farts in the apple” – my mom’s favorite…. she said it a lot – actually, she still does.


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