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Thanks to everyone who voted for my design in the Spoonflower Urban Sightings Contest. My Crop Squares design is a finalist and will be on display at the Textile Center of Minneapolis in May!

Sunday is April Fool’s Day. If you are feeling frisky, you might want to have some good clean fun at your family’s expense. buah ha ha. Here are 20 ways to Get Them Good this year. I’m not as brilliant as Jaime, the queen of April Fool’s Day, but I do what I can.

Are you a Home Ec Superstar? I’ve compiled 21 homemaking skills that everyone should know (hmn, dress shirt ironing is my downfall) It’s bragging time. How many can you do?
Watercolor is my passion so I couldn’t resist rounding up 20 easy projects inspired by this hot trend.

Do you have a fancy brunch planned for next weekend? Here are 25 lovely tutorials to make your fete extra special and lovely.

I hope you have some fun Spring plans this weekend. We have a family photoshoot tomorrow (wish us luck) and I’m contemplating a trip to Canton before the heat hits. What are you up to?




Yay for links! But dude, I was not prepared for that black widow in the middle of the page. I was all *scroll scroll scroll* OMG SPIDER. Got any DIYs for new underpants?


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