Link Love

The Peggy Skirt: A free pattern to sew up for any season.

Another sweet paint chip idea, perfect for a spring picnic.

I’m so in love with my baby boy right now. I can’t wait to make him things like this.

And the tiniest pom poms made with a fork. Who knew?

If you are having beautiful weather like we are here in Dallas, You might want to make a fairy garden this weekend!

Over in The Facebook, we launched our timeline with a picture of baby Gordon’s delicious tootsies. chomp chomp!

We’ve been pinning some Easter and Passover lovelies.

Jaime has 25 Totally Pretty 10 Minute Hairstyles and she’s not afraid to use them.

And we have a little interview over on some site called Apartment Therapy. blush.

Let’s end the week with some wise words from Scarlet…

jaime: baby, time to put your shoes on and brush your hair.
scarlet: mommy, how much girls am i?
jaime: umm, one girl?
scarlet: yes. that’s why i can’t do two things at a time.

Be easy on yourselves, you’re only one mama! XOXO

Oh and something exciting is coming on Monday!! You’re gonna like it!



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