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We are big fans of Food on a Stick around here so of course we love these photos from a shoot that Sweet Paul produced for Parents Magazine.

Nicole from Making it Lovely made Jaime’s Pillowcase Dress for her adorable daughter and the comments turned to the topic of buying pretty bias tape. We knew that someone HAD to be doing this on ETSY.  Shasta Creations and Polly Danger Notions have some beauties.

Brit left a funny comment on Prudent Baby this week, which led us to her adorable shop.  Are you crushing on that clutch? Well, it’s $12.50!! Go buy it. She has lots of cute bags and hair bows.

Chewing the Cud has these beautiful Fabric Wraps for sale. Isn’t this an amazing idea?

Garlic farming at its most beautiful

Am I the only person in the universe who hadn’t seen New Dress A Day yet?

My good pal Bake-a-holic (one of the top 2 most talented bakers I have ever met FYI) has an easy rainbow cake DIY. So pretty!

Summer is coming to a close but lots of these Totally Hot One-Piece Swimsuits for Moms are on sale. Grab one for your Winter vaca or next Summer!

Love this low-maintenance kid birthday party idea from The Family Room.

And if you are in the Dallas area, City Craft is throwing a little book party and meet the author for Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt on August 17th. You should go meet some cool crafty ladies! I wish I could go but unfortunately, I will be lounging on the beach in Rhode Island that day, eating lobsters while my mother watches my children.

And don’t forget! Last chance to leave a comment and maybe win that nice Wool-Blend Felt lurking up there in the corner. And keep me in your thoughts as I fly alone with 2 children. I’m not scared.




so this has nothing to do with your links, but sometimes when I go to your site, the first thing that pops into my head is dana carvey's george bush sr. voice saying, "wouldn't be prudent, baby." just thought you should know.

(and that link to Brit's blog doesn't seem to work.)


Some fantastic links, thankyou! Have bookmarked the Birthday Party link for my son's birthday in a couple of weeks!


You weren't the only to have not seen this site yet. I LOVE the new dress a day blog!! She is really inspiring. Makes me want to go out and find some really awful dress and turn it into something gorgeous. In college my friends and I would find those same outfits and wear them as funny costumes…but who would have thought we could have transformed them into something that was actually wearable.


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