Welcome to a special Sunday edition of LINK LOVE. I was planning to completely blow off Link Love this week (because I’m totally in vacation mode) but we do have some cool things that we want to share with you, plus Sara noticed that it was missing and that made me sad (but at the same time happy that she enjoys Link Love.) Remember, any comment you leave this week might win you that great fabric up there to the left.

Head over to  Blue Eyed Yonder to see Krista’s play kitchen project. I’m in love. This is further proof that you shouldn’t be in a rush for ALL of your friends to have babies. This kitchen was a birthday gift for SOMEONE ELSE’S KID. Isn’t that fantastic?

The gals over at Deucecities Henhouse just opened a SHOP selling their awesome hand-printed greeting cards. I love their style. Check out  Finn’s recent birthday party and Elsa’s beautiful birthday cake.

How about Orange KILLED IT this week with links to all kinds of fabulous DIYs and downloadables. Start with this DIY for Japanese masking tape twist ties. But don’t miss these sweet labels for food cannisters, or this printable for embroidery thread cards. (I need these. Have you SEEN the tangle that is my embroidery thread?)

It seems like I am seeing recipes for Panzanella everywhere. It may be my salad craving that has it catching my eye. This greek version from Annie’s Eats might push me over the edge to try it at home.

This is very cool.
Become a facebook fan of Connect Kids to Care and Clorox will donate $1 to the Children’s Health Fund, an organization that works to provide health care visits to kids in need.
It’s about time that my facebooking actually result in something other than the knowledge that my highschool boyfriend is going to see Phish… again.

And lastly, Jaime and I were asked to share our favorite children’s book, illustrator and more, as part of Ohdeedoh’s Learning At Home month. Here is Jaime’s and here is mine. And here is a list of all of the interviews.




I am the "someone" of "SOMEONE ELSE'S KID" and could not be happier about owning the greatest play kitchen ever! Sorry to be so over the top, but I cannot say enough great things about the craftsmanship of this play toy not the mention the adorable aesthetic. I know it will stay in our family for generations and my daughter absolutely loves it. Blue Eyed Yonder puts a lot of heart and soul in any project they do and this is no exception. It's even more adorable in person if you can imagine. So excited you linked!


I didn't mean to make you feel bad! I do love Link Love though and totally appreciate your Sunday post!!! I hope you got to enjoy your lobster roll on the beach without too much of a guilty conscience. Thanks for the great post.


I LOVE that kitchen set, of course I see all these great do-it-yourself set AFTER I purchase one for my daughters.

So glad you posted Link Love this weekend 😉


I would be the happiest girl in the world if my hubby helped me make that kitchen! unfortunately, until there is a video game he can play that will in turn create the kitchen… im outta luck 😉


Oh wow, I didn’t realize there were plans for this kitchen. Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder and I did things the old fashioned way. We did a Google images search for “play kitchens” and found this one:

Both having a background in construction, we drafted our own plans and dimensions and my friend picked the paint color and fabric to coordinate with her own home’s decor. (You’ll notice differences in actual construction, ie: different sized units, constructed of cabinet-grade plywood, different oven door design, different material use for backing, etc.)

No worries though, we haven’t sold any yet, we will further tweak our design to prevent any confusion. Thanks for the heads up!


I had never heard of Panzanella before, but I am definitely trying it after seeing this recipe! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


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