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what’s up ladies, you ready for some linkiness? here goes…

How cute and simple! Make donut macarons with Raspberi Cupcakes.
Love this DIY for a grass-topped table at Family Chic.
Had to share this adorable pic of Rebecca, Gus, and Dove from Cooking With My Kid. They’ve been cooking up my garden bounty in a million yummy ways. Check out some great ideas for Zucchini here.
This might be the best toy Scarlet ever got.  Cardboard playhouses of all styles that you put together then paint…and they’re sturdy, not expensive, and distributed in the US by a small mom-run business! From Calafant.

And more…
-Check out some of their favorites tutes over at Sew Mama Sew (including our Capelet pattern)!
-Love the idea of celebrating Shark Week with these cupcake toppers from Bake it Pretty.
-Let’s support crafty ladies all over the world. At you can read the business plans of entrepreneurs in developing countries. I made my first $25 loan to the Senor De Accha Group in Peru.  They are starting a jewelry making business. Your small loans have a huge impact, AND you get paid back! Check it out.
Weelicious has a great recipe for Homemade Playdough! What a fun thing to do on a saturday afternoon.
-Steven Slater, folk hero! Every time I get annoyed lately i think “Grab Two Beers and Jump” (thanks Jimmy Kimmel). Which reminds me, I am addicted to the Ask The Pilot column on Salon. All sorts of behind the scenes info about air travel.
-Love this DIY for hanging storage baskets over at U Create.
-Making these edible candy crayons looks like a super fun activity to do with the kids, at Gourmet Mom on the Go.
-If only I could afford this. Sigh.
-Remember my big brother/professional photographer who wrote our 25 Tips for Taking Great Photographs? Well one of his amazing images of the Masai people is in my book. He shares the image and writes about it here.
-Love Viv’s DIY lampshade cover at Ish & Chi
-My husband sent me this hilarious/heartbreaking video: “Daddy no take my flan!!”
-DIY training chopsticks by Janie at OhDeeDoh. So cute!
-I can’t remember why I started googling this, but I’m fascinated by the secret train station underneath the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Supposedly FDR used it when visiting the city and his limo would go right off the train and up an elevator into the garage. Read all about Platform 61.
-Six things to cool your drink other then ice cubes at The Kitchn. Which reminds me that my friend Jai posted the cutest pic to facebook this week of an ice cube with a cheerio frozen in it. The caption said “you know you have a toddler when…”
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-And finally, is there anything on earth hotter than Eric on True Blood? Other than maybe the Duke of Suffolk on The Tudors? oh, and my husband too…

Last chance to leave a comment and possibly win the Kokka Fat quarter pictured up there on the left. Seen any good links this week?




Okay, that Rolling Stone cover seriously bothers me and True Blood is quite possibly the dumbest show I've ever kept watching over and over, but yes, Eric. Good. Every once in a while they make him not quite as pasty white and that's a good thing.

I'm done with Bill and Sookie, though.


I just found you this week! So that I am excited about. Thanks for the UCreate and Cooking with My Kid! Love it all. I will be here often.


I am so glad you talk about I have a link on my blog as well, and I am usually a lender of people who are handmakers and also sheep sheperds, as I love all things creative and I am a knitter as well.

I usually reinvest the money I receive after the loan is repaid. I love it!

Thank you so much for introduce as to the Seņor de Acha Group and his entrepreneurs!



LOVE your brother's picture of the Masai. Before we had Hendrix we traveled to Tanzania and were totally enamored with the Masai people. They were just so gentle and so badass at the same time. Beautiful. And how cool for your broham to write such kind words about you.


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