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Be still my heart, look at this little guy and his dragon wings. Louise from Feelin Crafty sent us a pic of the dragon wings that she made (in bulk) for her son’s dragon-themed birthday party. And then we said… you should tell us all how to make them… and then she did… because she is AWESOME! And it’s her first DIY! Be sure to leave her a comment because we want her to tell us how to do more awesome things. And if you are into adorable dragon wings, you might also be looking for a quick knight costume, so check out this simple DIY Knight’s Tabbard (I just learned that word).

I find this tiara that D. Sharp made for a friend’s 40th birthday to be absolutely stunning! She suggests it for a flower girl as well but really, what occasion DOESN’T it work for. I want one!

Did everyone know about One Charming Party but me? I found this gem through Sara’s Party Perfect and can not get over this site. The character-themed-parties-done-right are perfection. Like the American Girl Pioneer Party or this Diego Jungle Party or this Raggedy Ann Party. When faced with a character-themed party, One Charming Party owner, Brittany, suggests thinking about what the character does rather than his image and focusing on the color palette. SO smart! Oh and don’t miss Art Gallery Party. I want this for my birthday.

I’ve just added Custom Fabric Bundle creator to my list of dream jobs. I could look at fabric all day! As I embrace boy-dom, this Bundle called Walk in the Woods from beloved Fabricworm caught my eye. It’s 20% off this weekend as part of their Holiday Fabric Sale.


I’d love to get my hands on a copy of The Spirit of Food: 34 Writers on Feasting and Fasting toward God. “Their essays take us to a Canadian wheat farm, a backyard tomato garden in Cincinnati, an organic farm in Maine; into a kosher kitchen, a line of Hurricane Katrina survivors as they wait to be fed, a church basement for a thirty-hour fast; inside the translucent layers of an onion that transport us to a meditation on heaven, to a church potluck, and to many other places and ways we can experience sacramental eating.” 
I’m fascinated by “the many unexpected ways that food draws us closer to God, to community, and to creation.” Has anyone read this yet?

Speaking of eating, I think these Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts with Maple Glaze from Joy the Baker could bring me closer to God. Or at least I’m willing to try. Maybe Jaime will make me some of her version when she comes to visit in 2 WEEKS!

A Halloween Collage DIY from Moomah in NYC featured on Pint Size Social.

Love Oliver’s Cardboard Box Train Party. If I’ve learned one thing from being a parent, it’s that kids love a cardboard box.

Happened upon this interesting article on How to Avoid a Devastating Case of Sidebar-Blindness (GASP!) for all you bloggy types

Here are TWO adorable owl costumes inspired this sold out PBK version from Phubie and Lillian Grace. Nicely done ladies!

Make It and Love It blew us all out of the water with these amazing Cinderella and Prince Charming Costumes. Holy Moly.

Just a quick reminder that Jaime is in Chicago for a book signing this weekend. Tell her I said “hey.”

Oh, and after seeing ads here on Prudent Baby for my local grocery store, reminding me to get my flu shot, I stopped by their pharmacy today, they checked my insurance and it was accepted and then they gave me my shot and 10% off my grocery bill. Didn’t even have to step into the germy doctor’s office. Highly recommended.

Have a nice weekend ladies, good luck with the last minute costume making. Send us pics! And don’t forget that any comment you leave this week could win you that Nicey Jane Oilcloth. Last chance!



The Lyons'

just wanted to thank you for the cloth I received from recording my favorite prudent advice. I think I am going to make a huge twisty flower. I will for sure post it!

Marcia W.

Hi! Hope you enjoy Chicago with a photo of you at the lake, next to the tall buildings downtown, and eating deep dish pizza! Meanwhile, back to playing with the bat-erina.


Choosing fabric for someone else would be like choosing books for someone else- I'd get so distracted that it would take forever, and I'd end up with a huge pile for myself!

Kylie Jayne

Loved the party website,just in time for Halloween.too bad I just had both my kids parties this week, would have come in very handy. Oh well, there's always next year.


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