Little Forager Skirt Tutorial


I have been babysitting quite the little forager lately. She loves to spend the afternoons out in the garden collecting flowers, sticks, and pretty much anything else she can find (yesterday I found a half eaten carrot and pebbles she snuck into my back pocket). I was inspired by her to make this sweet Little Forager Skirt. It does not require a pattern, and has a flat front with elastic back, so it’s easy to get on and off your little one.

Check out the complete tutorial for the Little Forager Skirt after the jump…

Little Forager Skirt Tutorial

Little Forager Skirt Tutorial

Below are the equations for how to determine the size of your pieces. I used a 1/2″ seam allowance all around.

– Skirt Body (Cut 2):

Width: Size of your waist + 1″ for seam allowance
Height: Desired final length + 2″ for seam allowance and hem

– Waistband Front (Cut 1):

Width: 1/2 of waist + 1″ seam allowance
Height: 4″

– Waistband Back (Cut 1):

Width: Waist size + 1″ seam allowance
Height: 4″

– Button panel (Cut 1):

Width: 2″
Height: Length of skirt body

– 1″ Elastic: 1/2 of waist size + 2.5″

DIY Button Down Skirt (1 of 16)

Fold in each side of your button panel a 1/2″ and iron. Pin it to the center of your front skirt body piece and sew down on each edge.

DIY Button Down Skirt (2 of 16)

Baste stitch the top of the skirt to gather it. You can find more information on how to gather fabric on our Sewing 101: How to Gather Fabric post.

Adjust your gather to match the same size as the front waistband. Make sure the button panel is centered and flattened.

DIY Button Down Skirt (3 of 16)

Grab your front and back waistband and sew the edges together.

DIY Button Down Skirt (4 of 16)

With front sides facing, pin and sew the skirt body together at the edges. Finish edges with pinking shears, zigzag stitch, or serger.

DIY Button Down Skirt (5 of 16)

Pin the waistband to the skirt body, with front sides facing.

DIY Button Down Skirt (6 of 16)

Sew around. Here is a view of the back with the waistband flipped up.

DIY Button Down Skirt (7 of 16)

Fold the waistband down a 1/2″, and then another 1 1/2″  so that it covers the seam.

DIY Button Down Skirt (8 of 16)

Press, pin, and sew around.

Leave an opening on the inside of the waistband at the side seams to insert your elastic.

DIY Button Down Skirt (9 of 16)

Insert elastic through the back.

Use a pin to hold it in place, and sew it down along the side seams.

DIY Button Down Skirt (10 of 16)

Stretch out the back of the skirt and sew along the middle of the elastic to keep it in place.

DIY Button Down Skirt (11 of 16)

Almost done! Hem the bottom by folding the fabric over a 1/2″ and then 1″. Iron, pin, and sew.

DIY Button Down Skirt (12 of 16)

Let’s add some buttons.

DIY Button Down Skirt (13 of 16)

Hand sew buttons down the front. Instead of marking I just used this tape technique.

DIY Button Down Skirt (14 of 16)

Place the buttons and secure in place with a piece of tape.

DIY Button Down Skirt (15 of 16)

Make one or two stitches to keep the button in place and then tear the tape away.

DIY Button Down Skirt (16 of 16)

That’s it! If you make one, share a photo with us on our Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram (#PrettyPrudent), and Twitter.

Little Forager Skirt Tutorial




Cute! But if you’re calling it the “Little Forager” skirt, shouldn’t you add pockets to the side seams so your little forager can hold on to her collection?


When you say ‘waist size’, do you mean the circumference in Inches?

Also, with the waistbands, I am super confused. Does the elastic go all the way around the skirt or just across the back? And I don’t understand why do you sew down the middle of the elastic? Before putting in the elastic, do you topstitch the band for a finishing touch?

Is there a way to put pockets in this?



Thanks so much for this pattern. I’m so happy with how this turned out. I’m a new sewer and this was a quick make and had a really smart finish.

Laura Adams

What a cute little skirt! Thank you for taking the time to write it out & post it. For those wanting to add pockets, Dana @ MADE Everyday on YouTube, has a simple tutorial for adding pockets to a skirt with side seams.


I don’t usually comment on things like this but THaNK you for a great free tutorial! Your the best ♥️


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