Machine Embroidery 101 from Too Cute Embroidery




Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!This helped a lot! I went to the store to check out machines and ask questions then found out I didn't know what to ask and tell me everything since I know nothing wouldn't work!


Did you see that you put "Stabilizer Snap Wrap" instead of "Stabilizer Slap Wrap"? Too cute! I love the Snap Wrap Dress that much too!


Your "use your words" contest has inspired me to get excited about trying some projects on my MIL's new embroidery machine, and this post helped demystify the world of stabilizers! Thanks. Now, watch out, world: she's away on vacation, and I have a key to the house. đŸ˜‰


My question – and I hope this isn't dim – is whether it's possible to do any of this with a Mac. I have a Brother LB 6770 (the immediate predecessor to the LB-6800 that the fine ladies here are giving away) and I was *thisclose* to purchasing the Brother card writer (sadly, there's no USB connection on the 6770) when I realized that the software that went with the card reader/writer wasn't compatible with Mac computers, and as far as I can tell, there's no Mac software out there. Am I out of luck? The designs that came with the machine are limited, and the embroidery cards that they sell pre-loaded are both spendy and not really my style.


Hi Teri-This is directly from Brother!

You would have to run a Parallels program, have a form of PE-Design installed in the Mac, save to the My Downloads and then save to the memory card and use that memory card in her machine.


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