Make Your Own Butter

I had some cream that was about to go bad so I did what I always do in that situation (well, sometimes I make scones): I whipped up some butter, literally. It’s crazy easy, you will be shocked at the simplicity and start making butter all the time. For realz.

Find out how on our post: How to Make Butter.




I have done this with the girls and added cinnamon. If you ever go to Texas road house they have hot fresh rolls with butter and cinnamon. Its Delicious!


I love this! I did this when I was in kindergarten. Instead of using a machine, we just shook our baby jars. A great thing to keep a bunch of 5 year olds busy.


Okay, I'm not sure how I got outsmarted by a bowl of cream but I definitely did. I beat the bejeezus out of that cream for about 40 minutes and got NOTHING. It got a little lumpy, but never got anywhere near separating. Finally I got mad, said a few choice words that hopefully my daughter won't repeat, and threw it away. Not my proudest moment.


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