March into Organization: The Craft Space

Yesterday we shared our favorite organization projects for the home. Today we are back with pretty projects to keep your work/craft space all spiffy.

DIY Fabric Desk Pad Blotter

Porcupine Pin Cushion

Quick Tip: Fabric Scrap Storage 

See the rest…

Fabric Dry Erase Calendar

DIY Fabric Clothespins

Quick Tip: Wine Rack as Yarn Storage

Fabric Storage

Frame Bulletin Board

Baby Food Jar Pin Cushion




Perfect time for the ideas, thanks! I've got my room torn apart and half my stuff in the dining room so I can clean out and re-organize every little thing.


Is there anything you CAN'T make from baby food jars?? Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. As always, I am loving all of these ideas and plan to put several of them to use in my own house. However, I think I'll keep my wine in my wine rack. I do have my priorities. đŸ™‚


I just discovered you this weekend (if you were looking at your site stats and saw someone reading through archives for hours on Sunday night, that was me!) and saw many of these ideas then. (And started thinking about how to implement them in my own home.) I hadn't seen the tutorial for the desk blotter yet, and I'm super-excited about it. I am a little addicted to mod podge and was looking for to make a sturdy but moveable cover for my crafting table–I think this might be it! I'll just add a layer of clear vinyl on top of the fabric. Thanks for the guidance.


These ideas rock! As I was scrolling, I found myself going back to the first picture over and over. Too much coffee I thought because it keeps getting bigger! Nope. Just the design. Man I need some sleep.


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