March into Organization: The Home

Eww. I’m the queen of the bad pun lately. Sorry. But back to the biz at hand. Between Jaime’s inspiring Studio Makeover and the upcoming warmer weather, that biz is organization. Do you have any big projects planned for Spring cleaning this year? I want to whip every room in my house into shape! And what better way to kick off a major organizational undertaking then with some crafty projects. Baby steps! Here are our favorite Prudent Baby organization projects (and some great quick tips) to get you started.

Decoupage Tray

Organization Tip: One Clean Surface

Recipe Binder System with Free Downloads in many colors!

Decoupage Key Storage

See them all…

Stadium Seating for Pantry

Fabric wrapped storage jars

Recycled Rug Ottoman

Zen and the Art of Cookie Cutter Maintenance (and storage)

Stay tuned for Organization for Kiddos… Craft Space… and Hot Mess Mommy this week!



The Queen

I have three kids, my house is constantly a disaster, and I live on the east coast which means I haven't seen the sun in months. And it's been very very cold. RIght now I don't need to clean. I am just basking in your beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.


I needed this today! I am in the middle of a major purge the clutter session in our home (any tips for the sewing studio?). I LOVE the pantry idea, I struggle with keeping ours organized.


Has read a post, and at once has gone to search on the house for jars which can be wrapped up a fabric. No one! so sad:))


I've been doing the Flylady routine and I swear it has changed my life! Work on those clutter areas 15 minutes at a time and before you know it they are gone! I need some help making my kids room cute, so keep the ideas coming!


Ooh, love the mail tray and the stadium seating for the pantry. When I saw that they are made with painted 2x4s, I about fell out of my chair. I can do that!

The Old Block House

Painting the kitchen and finding more things to clean and organize as we go. I don't think there will ever be an end!

Wrapping the jars with fabric is fabulous!

Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE

We don't get spring weather here until sometime in July (just kidding, slight exaggeration. It's generally late may.) so I go nuts and start organizing sometime in February. Yesterday I picked up 12 shoebox-sized and 6 'sweater box' sized clear storage containers from Costco for about $16.50 each, and today I'll be making chalkboard labels with my Cricut and starting to organize. I'm psyched.
So far in the last two or three weeks I've done my pantry, my daughter's room+closet, the baby's room+closet, the hall closet, and the bathroom (including drawers/cupboards.)
Baby steps!

Mama Kas

I just had the discussion with my hubby that if this house doesn't get organized, I'm going to lose my mind. I have managed to go through the kids toy bin (which was a huge chore in itself), and have ordered a new entertainment center with a lot more storage space to get things out of sight (as opposed to putting DVDs on a bookshelf). I loved the recipe book & the tray. They match my kitchen perfectly!


I gutted our 3 bedrooms and linen cupboards just before the new year and now with baby number 3 my 2 girls are about to lose their toy room for the baby so I need to find a place for all their toy's and tv. We have already filled 2 new cupboards with mummy and daddy stuff and now need at least 2 more for the girl's

amie h

the stadium seating for the pantry is brilliant. we've just moved into a new apartment and our kitchen pantry is like a black hole. Definitely need to round up my recipes in a binder too. Super excited about this!


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