March into Organization: The Kiddos

Ah ha! Bet you thought we were done with these organization posts. Jeesh, back to the fun already! But no worries, there are no closet cleaning tips here. Promise! Just adorable little projects to keep the wee ones treasures in order.

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Dollhouse Table

DIY Ribbon Pacifier Clip




Now if you can just tell me how to get my little guy to sleep with less than 30 stuffed animals in his bed, I would be forever grateful! He sleeps in the tiny spot where the bed ends and the wall begins because the rest of the bed has been taken over by the stuffed creatures.


Wow — I don't know how I missed the stuffed animal storage the first time it appeared, but I am LOVING IT right now! Super functional and easy on the eyes… me likey. đŸ™‚


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