Matryoshka Madness!

In keeping with our current Giveaway of Matryoshka Measuring Cups from Fred M I compiled 10 inexpensive (yet adorable) babushka cuties, check ’em out here: 10 Nesting Doll Themed Products for under $25.




Jaime- I'm going to send you over a picture of a set of matryoshka dolls I got when I was a toddler as a gift… I bet you and Lucinda could come up with an awesome pattern for dolls based on it!

Taylor {Sew Much Love}

Yikes! I think you guys have just introduced a serious Matryoshka doll obsession in me! I want every single one of those! Oh and I don't think I could actually use any of that stationary. I'm pretty sure it would just have to sit around and look cute!


Meauring spoons as well? ? ???? ????? (Ja teb'a l'ubl'u) which is "I LOVE you" in Russian!!! And the tape is a must have just so the littles may go around taping Matryoshka everywhere! Ok, toning it down, maybe I DO need to have a boy. . .


love love love that tea towel!!! so charming!! noticed you're in a full-on matryoshka trend as well – did you make the matryoshka dress scarlet was wearing in some of your pics?? it's adorable!!! and she totally rocks this granny-chic trend! đŸ™‚
i recently posted a roundup of matryoshka as well, there were some super-cute things you may like, found a really simple matryoshka wooden teether on etsy!
you can check out the other matryoshka goodies here, if you're interested:


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