Mexi-Cute: Mexican-Inspired Gifts for Baby

Are you annoyed with me yet? I’M IN MEXICO! LISTENING TO THE WAVES CRASH FROM MY PRIVATE PATIO! It’s good. So good. I love Mexico and it seems that lots of crafty folks are inspired by this beautiful country too. Here are some of the gorgeous mex-inspired baby goodies that I found around the inter-web. I guess you don’t have to be sipping a margarita on the beach of Mazatlan to be inspired by Mexico (but it’s nice work if you can get it.)




oh my god how adorable is that dress. makes me wonder if i can DIY and the map absolutely cool

jealous – oh yes wish i could be there with you instead of the 100 degree hot and humid here in ohio!

but life goes on, so enjoy while it lasts


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