Minneapolis, Minnesota or Bust!

Jaime and I are hitting the tarmac and meeting up in glamorous Minneapolis, Minnesota for Quilt Market. We’ve never been before and we can not lie, we are pretty excited. There is even an event called “Sample Spree,” Can you imagine? The fabric we will see… and sample?!?

We are finally meeting some online friends face-to-face, including the fabulous gal behind fabricworm and the fine authors of this little gem. And we are totally geeking over an invite to a book launch party for this and this and this. [note from jaime:  AND we are staying with my big brother, the amazing photographer who wrote our 25 Tips for Taking Better Photographs] Eeeeeee!

How about you? If you’re headed that way, let us know, we’d love to say hello! You can’t miss us, we’ll be the two in the rented Ford Fiesta grinning over our lack of children for the weekend! Meep, meep! And if you can’t make it this year, no worries, we will come back with a detailed report including whether or not we hop into the backseat of some friendly-enough looking couple’s car to get a tour of the local hang-outs. It’s happened before but hopefully we are older and wiser and all of the fabric will keep us out of trouble.

And if you aren’t part of “the trade” don’t fret because International Quilt Festival is open to the public and there’s plenty of time to plan to get to Long Beach by July 23-25!  Get all the info on Quilt Festival here!

If you love that quilt pictured above, you’re in luck because it’s Anna Maria Horner’s Birdcage on A Chain quilt and on her website she offers a FREE downloadable pattern for it!  Get it here!




I am rather in love with that quilt but I'd never pick fabrics well enough to make it look so cool.

I just placed my first order from Fabricworm today! Enjoy.

Janet M

I live right next to MPLS if you need any ideas on what to do(Walker Art Center/Outdoor Sculpture Garden or any good fabric shops(Crafty Planet-NE Mpls)! I won't be at Quilt Market, but Amy Butler will be at a local(1 hr away) quilt shop on the 17th and Sandi Henderson will be at a signing on the 18th(closer to Mpls). Have fun & hope MPLS treats you well!


Thanks for the tips Janet! We keep hearing about this Crafty Planet. We might have to squeeze it in!

and EG! So happy you placed an order with Fabricworm. SO much cool stuff. There's nothing like getting new fabric in the mail. yipee!


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