Minus 5-Minute Tank Top Tunic

I stand behind my belief that this ridiculously simple Tank-Top-Tunic (even simpler than the original) is a very cute and clever addition to any hot-mess-mommy or baby wardrobe. But a few disclosures before we proceed:

1. I put this on last night and my husband asked me why I was wearing an apron at 11PM. So there’s that.

2. Clare wore her version (the original) to the DMV yesterday and the lady behind the counter said “How funny, I love when they dress themselves.” hmmmm.

So basically, you should definitely make these for yourself and your children if you’re feeling like your over-inflated ego needs to be put in check.

I WILL guarantee that if you make one and send us a picture, WE will lavish you with compliments because WE think it’s awesome. Find the Minus 5-Minute Tank-Top-Tunic DIY after the jump.

What you need:
– A ribbed tank. This is an Old Navy Maternity Tank.
– A long scarf that fits around your hips with a little room. This one was approx 7″x45″. You can also follow the original directions for using any square of fabric.
– Basic sewing supplies.

1. With the right side of your scarf facing the right side of your tank, wrap the scarf around the body of your tank (so the ends touch) and pin the two ends of the scarf to the tank so the bottom edge of the tank lines up with the edge of the scarf.

2. Stretch out the bottom of the tank so it maxes out the width of your scarf and pin in place on the other side. If your scarf is longer, just pin the fold of your scarf to the other side seam.

3. Stretch out your tank and pin at 2-3″ increments.  If your scarf is longer, you can add a few tucks where you pin.

4. Stretching out the tank so the scarf lays flat, sew scarf to tank just above the hem seam with a straight stitch, adding a few back stitches at the beginning and end.

And that’s it! Add some leggings and a sassy belt (if you wish) and collect insults all over town!




You sneaky one. I think this is a cheaty way to wear leggings as pants. Shame. 😉

Just to add: that scarf is GORGEOUS. You always find these amazing scarves.


Ha ha! I'm forever putting on stuff and then thinking, "Are strangers going to think I dressed myself in the dark?" And then I realize… I DON'T CARE!!! It's the best thing about being 31. I dress like a crazy person and I don't care what other people about it! I'm totally going to make one of these and I guarantee my husband will tell me it looks weird. And I say, "Perfect!" 😉


oh, I'm so glad you did an adult version! I agree that the belt makes it. I have this fear of horizontal lines across my abdomen (which is why I find your freestyle dress so intriguing), but the belt works. Now, if only I had one of these kinds of belts…


Love the idea of using this as a swimsuit cover! You could even sew up part or all of the slit for more coverage and less "legging" ; )

For beltless to work best, I think using a scarf that is similar to the tank in color would be most flattering.


I love the idea! When I was pregnant I did exactly the same for a weeding! I didn't want to spend money on a dress so white trouser+white thank top+silk scarf around my belly=great outfit!


I have found two great scarves, now I have to find the right tanks to go with it. I am so going to do this for me and my 2 girls!
I will try to post pictures if I can figure that out.
Jennifer J


SUPER cute idea! I have leggings and only two tops long enough to wear with um. Great idea for me to try – I'll send a pic if I try it!


The disclaimers are hilarious! I think it's a super cute idea, and I might have to try it myself. After I dig out the tank tops in the summer, that is. 🙂

Aubrey Bolack

When you made this, did you do anything special around the hem of the top? I made one and it ended up being super tight, almost to the point of not wanting to do over my hips where the shirt fit fine over my hips before I attached the scarf. Would it be better with elastic thread?


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