Moana Easter Eggs

Palm Tree Moana Easter Eggs Who is obsessed with Moana? All of the children I suspect. I am as well, every single song is adorable and I could decorate my whole life in rich Polynesian style.
Palm Tree Easter Eggs I started with some Easter Eggs done up like little Palm Trees. These were so fun to make.. find how after the jump.

Moana Palm Tree Easter Eggs

First up, I brewed some strong coffee and set it in a pot on the stove. I boiled my eggs in the coffee for a long time, about 25 minutes, until they had a nice brown tint. Palm Tree Easter Eggs Coffee Dye

Then I piled up a stack of green card stock. I cut it into about 3.5″ squares, then stacked 4 together and free handed some palm fronds. I used 8 fronds for each egg. I also cut a strip 5.5″ by 1.5″ and glued it into a circle. Palm Tree Easter Eggs Step 2

Start with attaching four fronds equally spaced around the edge of your circle. Palm Tree Easter Eggs Step 3

Attach the next four a bit higher up on the circle. Gently bend each frond outward. Palm Tree Easter Eggs Step 4

Next I grabbed a few wooden beads of different sizes, and used a white paint pen to add three little dots to turn them into coconuts. Palm Tree Easter Eggs Coconuts 2

I used a dot of hot glue to attach my palm frond circle to each egg, then glued some coconuts on. Palm Tree Easter Eggs 9

Scarlet LOVED these eggs. Now she wants to make some with hula skirts on.
Palm Tree Easter Eggs

Moana Easter Eggs



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