Mod Podge Vase

This little Mod Podge Vase project is a super easy way to display some of your favorite fabric around the house. This one is covered in Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voile Coloring Garden Dusk. I’d also love one for my kitchen in this. You are going to want to cover every cylindrical vase in your house, I’m not kidding.
Get the DIY Mod Podge Vase after the jump.

What you need:
– Any cylindrical vase will do. You probably have 3 up there in that sad “Free Vase with Flower Purchase” cabinet above the fridge. Go check. If not, this one was under $4 at Michaels.
– A small piece of fabric
– A measuring tape (or ruler & string)
– Mod Podge & Brush
– Polyurethane Spray

1. Measure height and circumference of your vase. If you don’t have a measuring tape, wrap a piece of string around your vase and then measure the length of the string. You will want to add 1/2″ to the circumference and subtract 1/4″-1/2″ from the height. This way the fabric will overlap slightly when wrapped around the vase and have a neat edge at the top and bottom.

2. Iron and cut your fabric to the vase dimensions.

3. Coat your vase in an even layer of Mod Podge. Oops missed a spot!

4. Starting at the vertical center of the fabric, wrap the fabric around the vase, smoothing as you go. If there are wrinkles, gently spread them flat by pulling in the opposite directions with your fingers. 
4. At your overlap, add a bit more Mod Podge and smooth the seam flat.

5. Let dry 20 minutes.

6. Add another layer of Mod Podge over the fabric. Be sure to cover all of the fabric edges and the glass just above and below the fabric edge.

7. If you see more wrinkles, you can gently spread them flat with your fingers and then retouch the Mod Podge.

8. Let dry 20 minutes (or until dry.)

9. You can add a few more layers of Mod Podge (letting them dry fully in between.) Not a bad idea if you will use the vase for fresh cut flowers. It will be more durable.

** We suggest spraying it with a sealant when you’re done. Such as polyurethane spray, which you can get at any hardware store!

Don’t you want to make 10? If I didn’t have a 1st birthday party (for which NOTHING is finished) I would be covering every ugly clear vase in the house with beautiful textiles! Make one and send us a picture please!




"You probably have 3 up there in that sad "Free Vase with Flower Purchase" cabinet above the fridge." hey, how'd you know?

so pretty! i want to drop EVERYTHING and go make 100 of these right now.


LOL i too have a "sad free vase with flower" supply in my above fridge cabinet and this will prettify all of them in a jiffy! Thanks for the great idea!!!

jen at

love this. i def have a bunch of the free vase with flowers (under the guest bathroom sink though) and will cover asap. though, i'm wondering, how do you wash the vase after the fresh flower water gets it all mucky? what happens to the mod podge when re-wet?


Jlbee-The mod podge should handle a bit of splashing just fine, I just wouldn't submerge it in water. Although, I'm totally making this up.

Does anyone have more info on Mod Podge water resistance? I've used it on stools and such in wet areas and it has weathered the storm…


According to the internet, the makers of Mod Podge do not recommend getting it wet. "Dampened" cloth was what they suggested for cleaning. Although they do offer an "outdoor" version that is water RESISTANT which is not water proof. Since the water will be mostly inside the vase and the Mod Podge is outside I would think that you could rinse it out and just try to avoid getting the outside wet. A little dampness won't hurt but repeated wet will make it cloudy and un-useful (yes, that's a word).
Whew. Sorry that was so long.


the easiest thing to do is just spray it with a sealant when you're done i like polyurethane spray which you can get at any hardware store!


I just found this post and this the vase is gorgoeous. I have the perfect vintage fabric piece to use too.


AWESOME idea; i am hosting a baby shower this weekend and this may just be the perfect detail to add to the table 🙂

also; those cylinder vases are available at Dollar Tree for $1.00!


I love this idea! Sadly my cupboard is bare… but thrift stores have TONS of glass vases (because that's where all mine went!).


OMG – i have a bunch of short straight candle jars that i use a pen holders. totally going to jazz them up with this 🙂


I did this one, and another idea is to use tissue paper. It is translucent and you can do shorter class jars…I used my old salsa containers and put tea lights in them!


So glad I found this! Using this awesome idea for my wedding next month. Thanks for the great inspiration!


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