Modern Monochromatic Cornucopia

Modern Momochromatic Cornucopia

You know that we love a can of spray paint around here. We’ve spray painted everything from Fall wreaths, to paper maché end tables,  from Goodwill play kitchens, to bat-mobiles over the years. And now we’ve painted the Autumn staple, the cornucopia. Too far?

I love the symbolism of the horn of plenty but it’s traditional styling has always steered me away from incorporating one in my holiday decor. By painting the classic elements, a woven horn and plastic fruit, all one color, the cornucopia becomes down-right stylish. I went with white but I’d love to see one in pale pink, cream, or butter yellow.

Here’s how we made ours…

1. Lay out a cornucopia and a selection of plastic fruit, and dry foliage like wheat. Spray paint with paint designed for covering plastic without an additional primer coat.
IMG_89782. Allow to dry, turn and finish up painting.
3. Weigh down cornucopia with a stone, add a styrofoam ball to fill cone, and hot glue fruit and foliage in place. Add another coat of paint if necessary.




I just bought this same cornucopia and wanted to spray paint it white – glad you had the same idea and already mastered it! I can’t wait to do this too. thanks for sharing!


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