Mommy Tags

Do you remember those lovely ear warmers we posted way back when? Those were created by the very talented Delia from Delia Creates. Guess what? She’s back with her new project, Mommy Tags. These are a perfect way to remind your kids that you love them without totally smothering them in front of their friends (but then again, that is also too much fun not to do). Delia created these Mommy Tags as part of her Nesting Series while she was expecting her newest and cutest little addition, Natalie. Along with these Mommy Tags she also combined fruits and beanies to create Freshly Picked Baby Hats and made the prettiest Basket Weave Crochet Baby Blanket.

Now, I’ll cut the chatter and let Delia take over from here…

Mommy Tags

Hello Prudent Baby readers! I am Delia from Delia Creates and I am so happy to be here. I recently came up with an easy way to make homemade clothing tags for my Nesting Series and was generously asked to share the project with you as well!

I am learning to make clothing for my kids and only my kids really. So I don’t want to invest in commercial tags that require you to buy in bulk. But…my kids and husband don’t like it when they can’t easily tell which is the front and which is the back to my creations when they put them on- and frankly neither do I!

These easy tags solve that problem, cost almost nothing to make {they just use scraps and stuff you likely have on hand} and make my handmade creations look just a little more polished.

Up to this point, I’ve either been omitting the tag, or taking scraps of knit t-shirt fabric and writing “love Mom” on it with a sharpie.

I like the idea of my love being infused in each piece of clothing, so I kept with that theme by rounding up some Valentine stamps to decorate my tags with.

I’m sure you could carve your own…and I know I will one day. For now though, I’m keeping things easy.

All you do is take strips of scrap fabric and serge or zig-zag up both sides. I bet you could just cut up the sides with pinking shears as well.

Cut them up {3-4 inches is about right} and iron them in half. It doesn’t take long to get lot.

Then grab some fabric paint. I used this textile medium to convert my regular acrylic paint into fabric paint. You simply mix two parts of acrylic paint with one part textile medium.

Then brush the paint on, do a test stamp on paper and then stamp your tags.

I found brushing the paint on to be better than dipping the stamp directly into the paint, because dipping caused the paint to collect around the sides and just got clumpy.

If you’re wondering…this stamp is from Stampin’ Up. I got it at a garage sale over the summer.

Some of the tags turned out better than others. I just ditched the ones I didn’t like…it’s just a little scrap after all. Some came out distressed or a little dark but I didn’t mind that.
Whatever works for you.

I also painted some hearts on smaller tags by hand. A little more time consuming but not too bad.

Now let it dry for a full day, press with a hot iron and you’re done!

This is the first pair of leggings that I tried a new tag in.


Now our baby girl will have a happy Mom and Dad who won’t have to spend five minutes figuring out if we put the leggings on right or not. 🙂




Simple, yet brilliant and cuuute. I really like the heart, just enough space to add the size.

Kat @ KaydeeBunz

Great idea, and much better than all that printing that Ive been doing to make my own labels. I like this much better!!! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂


Thanks for sharing this. I just learned to make pants for my kids and wanted something cuter than a piece of twill tape to show which side is back. Excited to try this on some wide twill tape in my stash!


I think this is a great idea. It’s better than those iron on tags from the craft store. Awesome idea.


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