We have a problem and its name is MONSTERS!  These dreadful beasts live in Scarlet’s closet and they are such pesky creatures: even though daddy puts them in a jar and throws them outside every night, they keep coming back! We have had enough of their frightfulness and last week declared THAT’S IT: Time to make some MONSTER SPRAY!

Made with a few simple items from around the home and some secret monster-removal goo, MONSTER SPRAY! allows S to vanquish the beasts herself. This, along with The Tape Trick, has done a lot to ease our bedtime woes. Power to the babies!

Learn How to Make MONSTER SPRAY! and download our FREE PRINTABLE MONSTER SPRAY LABEL after the jump…


Now, Monster Spray may work better for some kids if it appears you went out and bought it at the store, in that case make it yourself during naptime. Scarlet enjoys making stuff so I told her the glycerine was a secret ingredient and read the bottle, right where it says “Do Not Use Around Monsters, Will Make Monsters Disappear.” Worked like a charm.

Assemble your ingredients:

A spray bottle
Glitter (Scarlet chose black because it is scary to monsters)
Essential oil if you have it (i used lavender scent to induce sleepiness, but lemon juice would work too)
Glycerine if you have it (this helps the glitter stay suspended in the bottle rather than sink or float)
Yarn – Scarlet selected bright pink as monsters are obviously averse to pink
Our MONSTER SPRAY! Label – We did not add a label but that would have made this about 10 times cuter, so Jacinda went ahead and made this adorable one for you! Get it here: Prudent Baby MONSTER SPRAY! Label
Note: Don’t add food coloring, you don’t want that getting sprayed around your house.
One cute kid:

Fill the bottle halfway or so with water and add a few drops of glycerine. You could maybe use dish soap, this would help the glitter flow but will also be foamy. Also add a few drops of essential oil or lemon juice for scent. The scent helps them believe.

Add glitter, then fill the bottle the rest of the way and shake it up. NOTE: Thanks for the note about the glitter commenters, I hadn’t even thought of it getting around the house, so i went and inspected and there is no glitter anywhere, i guess the spray mechanism keeps it in the bottle.  It hasn’t gunked up the spray nozzle either. Maybe just be sure not to use a superfine glitter.

Cut a long length of yarn or monster-repelling ribbon or trim:

Wrap around the neck of the bottle:

Add our free MONSTER SPRAY! Label (it’s 5X5 so reduce to whatever size u like/need and print on sticker paper):

Vanquish those beasts!

We have continued to have monster sightings but they are handled quickly with baby-vengeance and glee, as she sprays them away:

We would love to see pics of your MONSTER SPRAY! in action!

Do you have any other monster-repelling tactics to share? 




You are the cutest, sweetest mama ever! My son's room would be totally covered in glitter if I gave that to him to vanquish the monsters. We have to verbally threaten our monsters. "Go away, monsters, or my daddy's gonna get you!" in his best scary 3.5 year old voice. πŸ˜€


Have you read There's a Nightmare in My Closet, by Mercer Mayer? These big monsters come out of the closet until the little boy shots it with a popgun. The monster ends up crying so hard that the little boy has to take care of him and make him feel better. Its pretty cute.

Mejia Mamma

hahahahaha, this is another genius/creative post – definitely have to keep this in mind when mine gets a bit older & if a 'monster fear' ever develops!


good note about the glitter, i revised the post to say that there has been no glitter spray into the house – looks like the spray nozzle keeps the glitter from escaping, and the nozzle doesn't seem to be gunked up either. maybe its the glycerine helping with that?


We actually have been using the California Baby Overtired and Cranky spray. It smells good and leaves the scent on Wylie's sheets. If he wakes up in the middle of the night he still can smell the spray and know he's safe. πŸ™‚
Doesn't hurt that it just makes his room yummy and snuggly smelling too.


We too have a monster infestation at our house. We told out 3 year old son that monsters were very scared of a new stuffed animal we gave him. It helped a bit but we have to remind him from time to time. I kind of suspect he's faking it now since he calls us for monster removal with a smirk on his face.


We do this too, like the glitter idea. Last fall My 4 year old and I went outside armed with the spray bottle and sprayed around the perimeter of the house (and each other) and protected the house on the outside for the winter. This worked like magic and we don't have to spray inside much anymore!


If glitter is too femme for the boys, maybe use green glycerine or something floaty that's more macho. Floating ninja stars?


Is it really mean of me that this post makes me want my kid to be scared of monsters in her closet!? πŸ™‚ What a cute idea to help little ones fall asleep better! Love!


How much fun! I may make some for my little fella! This may seem really mean but this is what we have done. For monsters we told him that we sent them to Florida. Long story short, my estranged (by his choice) father lives there and that was my husbands doing. The other fear was giants. Our ADT alarm system sign in the front yard now doubles as a "No Giants, Ghosts, or other scary things allowed!" sign. I'm sure we will need something else quickly before lil fella learns to read and realizes that is NOT what it says at all LOL. And last but not least, every night before bed we sing "God Is Bigger Than The Boogie Man" from Veggie Tales πŸ™‚


Put a mirror inside childs closet door. Monsters reflection of ones self will scare monster and cause him to turn around and go back where he or she came from!!


In response to comment #12 "Dada said… If glitter is too femme for the boys, maybe use green glycerine or something floaty that's more macho. Floating ninja stars?"

Are you freaking serious? I work at a daycare and I'm sick of dad's projecting their homophobic stereotypes onto their kids. A lot of boys like things that are pink and purple and other "girl colors." And a lot of the time those colors end up being favorites of boys because they're mommy's favorite colors. Not to mention that all kids love glitter, its not like she said "you must use hot pink glitter" just use glitter in a color that your boy likes. And most importantly, if your child is young enough to 1. believe in monsters and 2. beleive that a magical spray makes them go away, he's not old enough to know or care what's macho.


The last few nights my 2yo has been telling me there are monsters in her room and I immediately thought of monster spray!! Thank you for your ingenious ideas!!!


Life is full of real monsters, and there also ghosts, nightmares and the such. I am pretty sure kids are better off when parents believe them and give them tools to stand up to their fears. I once heard my sister saying “monsters dont exist” to her child. My nephew said “thanks mom”, and then, later, said quietly to me “but I see them, you know…”
Monster spray is a great idea!!!! I love it!!!!


Hello, i discovered your website yesterday and i love it ! This post is just fabulous. My daughter will love this spray, sure! Genuine monster spray is a so wonderful idea that it should be know all over the world. Tomorrow, here a new one in France, soon everywhere! Sorry for my bad english…


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