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Pretty Prudent: The New Prudent Baby

My 2013 proved pretty mellow by comparison to Jaime’s wild surprise adoption year but memorable none-the-less. In addition to working on our Pretty Prudent Home book with Jaime, Clare and I fell in love with South Dakota, Rick and I celebrated a big birthday in Seattle, the kids and I spent almost a month with my family in Rhode Island this Summer, and three tiny kittens found their way to Texas from a Louisiana ditch! Yesterday Jaime shared our most popular posts in 2013 from our entire history of tutorials. Today I’m back to share the 10 most popular posts (page views) of the year FROM this year, that’s any post published January 1, 2013 and January 1, 2014.

It’s not very surprising that our readers love sewing, especially comfy, casual, and cute clothes for themselves or some cute kid they know. Oh, and our readers also love cinnamon rolls and cheese cake. Obviously our readers have excellent taste.

If one of your resolutions is to spend more time at the sewing table, why not tackle one of these lovely and surprisingly simple tutorials? Take a look at our How to Sew Knit Fabrics post for a refresher course first. If your resolution is to eat healthier, #8 is for you. If your resolution is to eat less healthy, we have you covered with microwave single serving sweets at #9&#10. Any guess what #1 was??

Here are the 10 Most Popular Posts FROM 2013…

10. The Microwave Single Serve Cinnamon Roll Experiment

9. Microwave Cheesecake in a Cup Recipe
microwave cheesecake in a cup

8. How to Make a Smoothie (Or How I Keep my IBS in check)
How to Make A Smoothie

7. How to Sew a Cardigan Onesie

6. How to Sew a Raincoat

5. DIY Thirty Minute Pleated Dress

4. Sheer Gathered High-Low Skirt Tutorial

3. How to Sew A Jersey Knit Dress Two Ways

2. Hot Mess Sweatshirt Dress

And our most popular post from 2013, with over 5 thousand pins, is…

1. Easy Summer Mumu: House Dress Tutorial and Free Pattern
MuuMuu Easy Kid Dress Sewing Tutorial and Pattern


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