My Neighborhood Inspiration: Jaime from Fairfax Village

Our homes are inevitably influenced by where we choose to live.  Here begins a new series of inspiration posts highlighting the neighborhoods of our favorite bloggers.  I’ll start: I live right around the corner from the Fairfax district of Los Angeles.  Fairfax is a wonderful mish-mash of Jewish shops, temples, and bakeries and hipster record stores, skateboard shops and edgy restaurants.  Because orthodox jews do not drive on the Sabbath their communities exist in close proximity – allowing them to walk to their shops and temples.  The orthodox community makes wonderful neighbors and have the best bakeries and thrift shops.  In the past few years the unorthodox skateboarding world (a world my husband inhabits) has crept onto the street with stores like Supreme (you can skate the bowl right in the store), The Hundreds, and SLB.  Have a fancy meal at the sign-free Animal, a kosher deli experience (hello, egg creams with my dad) at famous Canter’s Deli, or watch Jack Black and crew test out new material at comedy club Largo.
The cutest thing on my entire street?  The Hebrew alphabet learning toys…in Hebrew it’s called the “Aleph Bet” đŸ™‚
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And next up on My Neighborhood Inspiration, Jacinda brings you to the Walmart fabric department, a donut shop/tanning salon and a wheat field. Stay tuned…


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