My New Tattoo

I got a new tattoo! Is this controversial? I don’t know, but I love it and wanted to share it with you.

What do you think? My friend Alice, her world-renowned tattoo-artist husband Lewie Hess, and their 3-year-old son (Scarlet’s future husband) all came to visit a few months back, and they brought along all his fancy gear to give me my tattoo in our backyard. I took pictures of the process… wanna see? Don’t click “read more” if you are faint of heart…

the machinery…

clean and prepped…

i told lewie what i was envisioning, and he drew it out for me, nailing it on the first try!

there it is…

getting inky…

working away. i was surprised by how little it hurt. i remember it hurting worse.

halfway there…

another cute baby arrived…

scarlet LOVES it. she calls it a “stamp.”

all healed up.

I know tattoos aren’t for everyone, but I am really happy with this. Though it was hard to get a pic of it for ya that wasn’t too revealing (it’s under my arm on my rib cage if you can’t tell), so i apologize for any side-boob that  might seem offensive. So, do any of you have tattoos celebrating your kiddos?




Wow, I love it! I have a tattoo that I got years ago, and would really love to get something for my girls. The perfect design just hasn't come to me yet πŸ™‚


Some things are forever, like kids:) important to come up with a brilliant image that will be fun for life!


I love it!!!! I only have one tattoo so far, which I got before children (of course I did, it's on my hip and has of course been a little warped in the process of HAVING those three children, but I figure that's just part of the story now). I'm hoping to get a few new tattoos some day – one something to do with a clover or the Idaho outline for my husband (we met in Boise, Idaho on St. Patty's day) and one for my kids and my creative side (something with maybe a World Tree, the 3 Fates, or just swirly lines and then three stars in their birth stone colors). I'm suddenly very jealous that you know a tattoo artist personally!! πŸ™‚


Haven't gotten a tatto for my kiddos yet I just haven't come up with the right thing yet. But WOW I love yours that is so cute, original and awesome he did a fantastic job!!! ENJOY:)


I love it! I want a tattoo very badly, just have yet to pull the trigger. I think paying homage to your baby is so sweet! xoxo


I love it! And what a coincidence – I posted last night about my trouble choosing a tattoo for my second baby. For my first I have 2 of his initials (an E and a 3, as he is Evan III) forming a butterfly shape on my wrist. But my daughter is 8 months now and I have NO idea what I should get!

But I'm not too concerned – thinking about what to get and having it drawn up and anticipating the tattoo is half the fun of the experience.


So beautiful! My husband and I have been trying to think of appropriate tattoos to represent our kids. Love this!


That is beautiful! I have a star on the inside of each wrist, one pink for my daughter and one blue for my son.


I love it! The color is bright and beautiful! I've been thinking of getting a spool of thread and a needle but adding the name is just precious! Great idea.
My husband got two stargazer lilies for our daughter, Lilly, not too long after she was born. I have YET to get anything for my daughter or son but I know exactly what I want and where to put them! Now to find a decent artist in this town. I'll be getting a tiger lily flower for my daughter and a sunflower for my son. His face just lights up when he smiles and when he was little and had the round pudgy face babies do, he just reminded me of a sunflower. A bright, happy sunflower.


I have not been tattooed in about 4 years now. Maybe more. I haven't come up with the right thing for my daughter. I do have a sewing themed idea, but I just don't feel that fire for getting it done anymore.

Very cute tattoo! Classy.


I think it's great and TOTALLY appropriate! My husband has my name (which is really taboo!), and my daughter's name. For father's day I suprised him with an appointment to get my son's name. We are expecting #3 in April, so one could only guess what his next father's day present will be. I have to wait till I can stop getting knocked up before I can finish my family tattoo on my shoulder.

Mama Kas

I think it looks great! I have one on the front of my left hip that is a heart made out of my kids' initials (C & P). I think it's a great way to honor your kids.


I adore it!!! I have a tattoo on my foot with my fave bible verse with an anchor. I love it! I want to get one in that exact same spot devoted to my kiddos but I haven't nailed down a design yet. Great job!


wow..I'm not a tattoo kind of gal but this is beautiful…The design is awesome. And a great place to get it…that part rarely stretches out with age, right? ha


I am not a tattoo kind of girl but I like it. I love how you combined sewing and Scarlet's name in one tattoo.

Allison the Meep

That is such a gorgeous tattoo!

I have a songbird on my wrist (because I'm a musician) and notes above the bird to represent my children because they are my music.

Mama Rachel

Lovely tattoo. I don't have any tattoos yet, but I had my placenta printed after the births of my children and I plan to get smaller versions of them tattooed somewhere – I just can't decide where. Any suggestions? There are 3 of them and may someday be 4. They look like trees.

Lil' Bit and Nan

Pretty awesome Jaime! I have contemplated a tattoo, but I am a wuss! I know M.E. will be our only child, but I really don't know what I would get. You are a brave Mama. No offense taken to side boob. If I had some myself, I'd show it too.
– Bethany

Meg Baxter

I'll be getting my first (and likely only) tattoo to represent my two kids and husband, also including the verse Psalm 127:3, which says "Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him." The tattoo will be two dandelions (at the fluffy stage, not flowers) side by side (one taller, to represent my husband), with two of the little "fluffs" (seeds?) breaking free in the wind (to represent the kids). I'd like perhaps the address of the verse somehow hidden in a cursive font in the grass at the bottom of the dandelions, or the whole verse written out in script in a circle around the image. Not sure yet. It will be probably about 4" around and just a bit higher than yours, directly under my bra straps on my ribcage close to my heart. So stoked!


What a lovely tat! Kudos. This yr I got 2 wee, cute birds on the inside of my elbow which represents my 2 kiddos so I can always have them close by my side. Your friend did an amazing job!


I love it!
I have my son Noahs name on my wrist I got when he was a few months old, I also have a large lotus on my back with my daughter Logans name over it. Noah, now 4 is jealous that his sister gets a pretty flower, so he has requested something else to go with his name. First he wanted a red eyed tree frog, then the moon and planets (neither of which were ever an option!) weve come to an agreement I will get some stars with his name to "jazz it up"


Super cute! Makes me a little light headed just looking at them doing it though… I actually fainted when I get my tattoo. Pretty bad ass, aren't I?


Love it! My husband and I actually plan to get matching tattoos honoring our child if we (he) can ever make a decision on what to get- We will likely have a second child by the time that happens!


I am totally in love with this tattoo… I love the slight nerd factor (not everyone thinks seeing is cool like me πŸ˜‰ )

Brandy Layton

I am still working on my design, it will be a Japanese cherry blossom tree withe a pink and yellow ribbon wrapped around it. Pink for cancer, I am a survivor, yellow for my hubby who serves. Our children will be the faces of the paper lanterns hanging in the tree. I would love to have go up my back and the branches trail across my upper back. Bran


That's so awesome that you got your tattoo designed and done in the comfort of your own backyard! Love the design!
I don't have children, but I have 3 tattoos – one that represents my nuclear family. I want to add one for my niece into the piece (maybe a baby tiger??) and add an old sewing machine somewhere on my body.
Thanks for sharing your piece and experience with us!


I have 3 peas in a pod on my foot for my 3 beautiful boys. I am adding, "I am not my own. I belong soul, body, and mind to the Lord" to it in the near future! Never thought I would get one but I love it. My boys keep telling me,"Wow! That tatoo is really good! I can't believe it's lasted this long!" Hee!


I had my first son naturally with no epidural (I'm terrified of needles!!) and it was rough! 9 lbs, 4 oz and a large cranium! So when he was six months old, I took the plunge and overcame my fear of needles and had a butterfly tattooed on my back (where an epidural would have gone.) Every time I think about the butterfly on my back, I think about my baby boy and what I went through to get him. πŸ™‚


Wow! I love it! I also have a tattoo honoring my child and my love of sewing! It is a sparrow with a needle in its beak. It looks as though the bird sewed a heart shaped scrap of fabric with my daughter's name (in my handwriting)on my skin. My daughter is almost 3 and recognizes her name now. Everytime she sees it, she points and yells out her name.


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