My Summer Vacation: More than Piña Coladas. But also Piña Coladas.

I was recently invited on a trip to Mazatlan, Mexico sponsored by the Mexico Department of Tourism. Originally, I was going to bring along the boy but realized at the last minute that he didn’t have a passport. That is when my little trip to Mexico actually turned into a true vacation BUT with that freedom came a bit of responsibility.You see, I have been working on some creative projects that require more hours and inspired productivity than I can muster lately. When it turned out that I would be on my own, I knew that I had to take advantage of the change of scenery and free time and get to work. It turned out that Mazatlan was the perfect spot for making creative progress and it got me thinking about working vacations and how to get the most out of them. Mexico was ideal for my little “artist retreat” but you could even do this in your own hometown. Jaime takes her book writing to Palm Springs. If you could get away for even a day, don’t you think you could be inspired to get so much done?

Here are 5 ways Mexico got my juices flowing (and many, many photos…)

1. Refresh. Regroup.

Upon arrival, take a deep breath. Set some goals. Enjoy a sunset. Unpack. Go for a walk. Clear your mind and prepare to be productive.

2. The perfect spot

Search out a place to work. A comfortable, quiet spot with few distractions but also some beauty and a little luxury, as long as you aren’t too tempted to take a nap.

3. Embracing the unknown

Putting your work to “paper” can be scary and the pressure to make everything perfect can be crippling. Make time to do something adventurous that gets the blood flowing. You are on vacation afterall. Take a break and try something new.

4. Arts and crafts

Any new environment is likely to be filled with creative inspiration. Look for it everywhere from signage to architecture to the more literal applications like handmade goods. Let your location influence your work if you are inspired.

5. Local Flavor

Inspiration can pop up in the strangest places so make sure you take a break from the notebook and have an experience. Talk to people, eat like the locals, ask questions and take pictures. The inspiration you find on your vacation can last beyond the trip home.

If you have any questions about these beautiful locations, where to find the most delicious seafood beachfront in Mazatlan, want to hear about a doctor who has created a renaissance in his hometown by trading medical treatment for volunteer hours, where to get the best all-you-can-drink Chiladas (or where to buy a ridiculous floppy hat,) let’s talk.




Great pictures! I love the wooden "photoframes" They would look gorgeous in my house. Did you bring any back, per chance?


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