Nailed it

My husband is so pleased. I finally took a deep breath, nailed a hole in my beautiful new wall and hung a picture. Whatever. it’s only been ONE year in the house. HA!

How good do those little birdies look with my new shams!? (insert self-congratulatory pat on own back.)

Adding color? Hanging pictures? What’s next, unpacking boxes? These adorable prints are from Eleanor’s Push Me Pull You Design.

Here is another from her Aesop’s Fables series above the fireplace!




I have the bird print on your mantel, but in different colors. I have a series of three Push Me designs hanging over our bed. The crabs, fox and grapes and raven. LOVE them.


Where did you get your frames? I'm looking to frame one of her prints and ikea doesn't have any in the right dimensions, and custom framing is expensive..
Thanks for the link to eleanor! Lovelovelove her.


Hi Jayna-
The print over the bed is framed in a 24×36 from Hobby Lobby with a mat I cut myself. The frame isn't the perfect dimensions for the print but since it was so large, it hid the difference well.
For the one above the fireplace, I actually did use 19.75" x 27.5" RIBBA frame from IKEA. I just trimmed the mat down to 2" on all sides.
If you aren't comfortable with cutting mats, you can have a frame shop do it for under $30 and since the matboard costs around $8, it's a decent deal.


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