Naptime = Craft Time

Soooo how can we get the most out of nap time? Here’s my favorite things for getting little ones to go down easy and rest themselves up. Because it’s important that they get lots of sleep… for their brain development… yes, that’s why I like long nap times…brain development.

Find out my fave naptime tricks and where to snag them here: Top 5 Products for Better Baby Naps.




How cool is that?!? We have two of those, the Sleep Sheep and the Twilight Turtle! We got the Sleep Sheep as a shower gift with our first child. He kinda liked it, but it was our twins that really enjoyed it. They both spent a few weeks in the NICU after birth and I think the Sleep Sheep mimicked the sounds of the machines in the NICU.It would put them right to sleep-most of the time. We bought the Twilight Turtle for our star-loving 3 year old.

The Queen

Haha- my middle daughter had colic and I don't think I would have survived without her Sleep Sheep. It went EVERYWHERE with us. Three years later I went to use it for our next daughter and it was broken. 🙁 Guess we wore that thing out!

I'm the Mami

We have the "LadyBug" version of the Twilight Turtle… my daughter LOVES it! In the morning when she wakes up, she absolutely has to hold it and kiss it for about 10 minutes before she can get up… she points to the shelf where it sits and won't get up until I let her hold it for a while!


Too funny. Happy well-rested kiddos and happy moms that have a break and can do something creative are a good combination, much agreed! 🙂


I have a Sleep Sheep – it definitely helps keep my son calm if I put him in his little bed to play. but he is 5 weeks old and hasn't once took a nap without me – either on me, right next to me, or in a sling or wrap. I'm going to have to figure out how to sew with a baby attached!


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