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We moved the girls into a shared bedroom this past weekend. It’s going ok. They fall asleep eventually, and isn’t that half the fun of sharing a room with your sister… chatting and getting into a little mischief?
But enough of the parenting business, let’s move on to more important things like fabric and decorating!

The bedroom already has gorgeous DIY (Thanks awesome MIL!) ceiling to floor curtains in Jessica Jones Amusement Park, Fireworks  and the walls are a light peachy pink. Now I want to make some bedding. Not everything matchy-matchy but maybe some fitted sheets and a few throw pillows. These girlies already LOVE their pillows. So that’s where I need your help. What fabric(s) should we add to the room?

Here are a few that I like. What do you think? Maybe too coordinated? Any other suggestions?

Alexander Henry Fulham Road Blue Bell Tonal Pink

Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush (Quilt Cotton) Maybe Tangerine

Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush (Quilt Cotton) Shattered Punch

Jay McCarroll Habitat, Birch Pink

Joel Dewberry Nap Sack Berry

Kate Spain Central Park, Children Zoo Ivory

Riley Blake Sweet Nothings, Sweet Dots Multi

Help me pick from these or any other pretty prints by leaving a comment and you could win my fat-quarter of Michael Miller Bonehead!




I love nearly all of those fabrics…and no, not to coordinated. I prefer the idea of many choices and bouncing the color from one to the other, ranging from large to small scale prints and texture ~ keeps it interesting. My daughter has approx. 9 different fabrics in her room; 1 primary inspiration with the others to add interest. Kinda Bohemian Chic!?


I'm loving the Alexander Henry. It's sweet, but will grow with them for awhile. The Riley Blake lends itself well for switching out bedding and other decor as their tastes change, though.


Since the beautiful curtains are so bold and graphic, I like the softer, realistic look of the Alexander Henry floral print. It looks restful to me where the others are a little bit more hectic (though all are beautiful and fun!)., and is not so much a children's fabric and it can grow with them.


The Joel Dewberry napsack is great, and the fabric feels so nice (I have a little bit!) That is my vote ๐Ÿ™‚

Tristin @ Two Girls Being Crafty

I love the Riley Blake Sweet Nothings, Sweet Dots Multi… I mean, what's wrong with coordination? If it were me (and I realize that it isn't) I would add some of Jessica Jones' Boardwalk 'cause I think it looks awesome with the fireworks…

Good luck! Do the little gals get the final vote?


I love the Kate Spain and Alexander Henry prints (not necessarily together) but they might be a little too matchy if you're trying to avoid being matchy. They are gorgeous though (as are all the rest). I like Anna Maria Horner's Maybe Tangerine since it would balance out the peachy walls. ๐Ÿ™‚


I like the birch pink and maybe tangerine the best. Because the curtains are geometric, I like those two because they seem more random. And neither has white background like the curtains. Good luck it will turn out great. Pink and orange are such a lovely combo!


Those are all so good, but I love the idea of the berry napsack with the Jay McCarroll one. Throw in either or both of the AMH ones with those and that would be gorg.

I'm trying to figure out this same dilemma, except with a boy and girl together. It's tricksy to say the least.


The Alexander Henry is fantastic, soft compared to the Fireworks, and complements the colors of the room without being too matchy.


I think the napsack berry and the polka dots would be so fun together…lots of bright colors and vibrance!


Please post a tutorial for the fitted sheet! I've been meaning to make some of my own. I like the Riley Blake dots btw…so sweet for a girls' room.


I think there's nothing cuter for a little girl than the orange and pink combo. Innocent crush is my fave!


I like Nap Sack Berry, Sweet Dots Multi, and Maybe Tangerine. It probably comes down to personal taste mostly. Those all look like pretty good options.


I would add 3 more… the Anna Maria, Joel and Riley Fabrics would go great and it is just pillows right! Go for it!


I would go with Riley Blake Sweet Nothings. That fabric is so cute. I'm going to have to come up with something to make for my daughter's room so I can buy some of that fabric!


I love the zoo and the innocent crush with the curtains. What about some polka dotted sheets with the bright pink and orange. Then look online for wall candy arts for some darling peel and stick CHALKBOARD wall stickers that you can remove and reuse without damaging the wall. They come in come really cute zoo animal shapes that would serve the purpose as both wall decor AND they can write on them with chalk for fun!


I love the Riley Blake polka dots, but also the Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush. I love orange for girls. Polka dot sheets and orange pillows come to mind.


I'm a big fan of orange so I like Maybe Tangerine which I think might look good with Birch Pink.


I love Riley Blake and the shattered punch. The later really helps the firework curtains pop. Though I am a big fan of fireworks (as I am wearing a dress that looks almost like it is made of the curtains you posted).


ooh alexander henry! and all the others! lol… i just remember how much i looked at my bedsheets when i was little… i had that smurfs print memorized! so im all for some sort of graphic for them to trace their fingers along as the drift off to sleep ๐Ÿ™‚

Jo (@ boogaloo)

My faves are the first one (floral) and the animal print one. They are both playful. I think they'd work well because of the colours and because they are smaller in scale than the bold print on the curtains.
Great room! Can't wait to see pics!

The Grooters

I like the floral (Alexander Henry Fulham Road Blue Bell Tonal Pink). It's feminine and a good contrast to the graphic window treatments. I don't know that we are helping…the comments seem to go all across the board. I guess pick the one that you are most attracted to and you'll love it!


The Alexander Henry Fulham Road Blue Bell Tonal Pink for sure! And then maybe a roll pillow at the end of the bed in the Pink Birch.

shahanaz (anna)

i like the Nap Sack Berry and the Zoo Ivory. The colours coordinate well with the curtains. I think a solid, bright green or yellow for the pillows would look great with them.


How about a little of each? I worked as a maid at a very expensive Bed and Breakfast Inn for one of my first jobs and really enjoyed the mix and match sheets we had for each room. The fitted sheet on the mattress coordinated but didn't ever match with the fitted sheet on the featherbed, the pillowcases matched each other but coordinated with the other bedding. All of the elements complimented each other but never matched. Same with the bath towels. It was really unique and very chic!


I love the ones from Anna Maria Horner, especially the Innocent Crush (Quilt Cotton). I am not sure what other colors it comes in, but the tangerine you have here is super cute and makes me want to pull out my sewing machine. The hearts are whimsical and not too kiddie, so maybe once they outgrow the sheets, it can be come something even more fabulous like a pillow, picnic blanket, imaginary tent. The possiblities are endless.


The Innocent Crush is lovely,but you have to have a little bit of the Kate Spain Central Park, Children Zoo- maybe a pillow or two?


love the zoo and the dots, but the real question is all about me me me… i'm preggo, and if baby #2 is boy (as was bay #1) is it cruel to make them room together so I get to keep my sewing room? I MUST know!

sayonadat (@) aol (dot) com

Asher Seveland

i vote Alexander henry for sheets and something graphic like the napsack berry for pillows. if that's too crazy maybe striped pillows to keep it graphic, but a little more regimented. i like stripes as a kind of masculine foil to girly stuff. then you could later add a solid blanket with a cute trim. can't wait to see what you choose!


I think it would be fun if the girls had an input on which one they liked- if you havent asked them, maybe they would like input on what they would like. They may be young but they will still be able to pick out what they want.
I also think it would be cute to color coordinate but not have the same exact pattern/colors for both beds- you could interweave them- mix and match the girls beds in their coordinating fabric choices??


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