No-Sew Powder Bath Makeover

Last night I used a few of my favorite Prudent Baby DIYs to give our powder bathroom a little personality. First I stretched a piece of Lourdes Sanchez Botanica Leafy Stripe Dove over a store bought canvas for a quick and inexpensive piece of large wall art (click for Wall Art DIY). And as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t nail a hole in my wall for just anything.

Then I whipped up YET ANOTHER of Jaime’s Mod Podge Stools, this time with Lourdes Sanchez Botanica Large Floral Cream fabric (isn’t this entire collection gorg?!). I can’t get enough of these stools. I still want like three more. Apparently I love to torture myself by enabling Clare’s mischief. But I guess she is going to find her way on up on the counter regardless, so it might as well be on a pretty stool, right?

I still have some bathroom accessories to Mod Podge and trimmed hand towels on my to-do list for this space but I was too excited not to share my little decorating project. Both DIYs are so quick and easy with high impact! You should totally make some.




i LOVE those fabrics. so i take it clare is running around using her stool to get into everything just like scarlet? soon there is not going to be a place high enough to put things out of reach. i will have to hide my fragiles on the roof


I made roller blinds for the living room with the same Large Floral Cream fabric! It looks amazing with the light coming through! We have excellent taste!


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