Oilcloth Projects

Oilcloth is so gorg! Wondering what you can make with oilcloth or laminated fabric? We have oh so many simple (yet high-impact) projects too choose from. Here are some of our favorites…

Oilcloth Book Cover

Oilcloth Travel Changing Pad

Oilcloth Bath Seat

Oilcloth Business Card Holder

Oilcloth Art Smock

Oilcloth Toiletry Bag



Renee Weber

that is toooo funny, I have been stalking your site all week in preparation for sewing some oilcloth goodies this weekend! I am totally going to make the toiletry bag, I have that I don't have one big enough to hold a regular bottle of saline solution for contact lenses. That's always the odd thing floating around in my suitcase when I travel!

Thanks for posting this one-stop post for oilcloth uses!


I am new to sewing and have never worked with oil cloth though it has peaked my interest. On another note…I think you need to giveaway one of those dolls you made with your Silhouette. SO CUTE!


It really is beautiful! I'm considering a high chair makeover with it or laminated cotton…hmmm…


With a new baby, I kinda wish every cloth in my life were oil cloth. At least all my clothes. Specifically whatever I'm wearing as I hug the kid goodbye before I leave for work because that's when IT strikes (it being the bodily fluid of her choice).


love the bath seat! but with a pretty one like that, i don't think i can ever bring my butt to make contact with it!! so it'll probably just look pretty in the corner.

Pam Burrus

I use it to make bibs (soooooo easy to wipe off) and drop cloths under my kiddo's high chair. I'm going to make her a chair cover too (her high chair sits on a regular chair) so the food doesnt get on the chair seats!! Love the stuff and LOOOOOOOOOOVE these yummy fabrics!!!!


Ooh! I never thought about covering a little seat for my bathroom! My husband and I always talk while I am in the tub, so that would be perfect!


Nice. I think another good oilcloth project would be oilcloth bibs! I am going to have to try that toiletry bag one day. Have always loved that tut.

Love Fabricworm. My favourite source for fabric :).


Love these ideas!

Over in the UK Cath Kidston does gorgeous oilcloth fabrics. I'd love to make the toiletry bag., and if I had a stool for the bathroom I'd definitely be covering the cushion – great idea!

beth lehman

Since I haven't been reading since your inception – it's nice to see these posts every once in a while – LOVE oilcloth – got some in the Netherlands last summer…


My husband and I bought our first house last year and now waiting for our rebate check. We have been talking about different things to do with the money…… ooohhhhh mama… I have a feeling the wonderful people at Fabricworm will be enjoying our rebate check as well.


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