Ombré Cupcakes

Ombre Cupcake
Do your kids just eat the frosting off of cupcakes and leave the tasty cake behind. Clare does. So in a effort to get her to eat her birthday cake, and score some “awesome mom” points by making another party element pink, I tried the Ombré trend in edible form. Since I can’t pull off Ombré hair, these tasty treats will have to do.

Here’s what I did…
Mix up a batch of your favorite white cake batter. Duncan Hines is mine.

Split the batter into two or three bowls. Add Gel Paste (This is Americolor Electric Pink) to each. I left 1/3 white, tinted 1/3 medium pink and when all out hot pink for the third.

Start with a heaping tablespoon of the bottom color in each paper liner (I did 20 cupcakes.) Make sure your batter spreads to the edges of the liner. Try to keep it neat but some dribbles wont hurt.

Then add your second layer directly on top of the first, spreading carefully to edges.  And then your top if you have one.

As the cake bakes, you might see some shifting… a bubble of pink popping out of the top and such. No worries.

Bake as directed, cool and decorate! Still not pink enough? Add some Color Mist! Success! Not an orphaned cupcake to be found. Amazing what a little artificial coloring can do!




Thanks for posting this! I was curious when I saw them in your party post 🙂 I usually make multi-colored cupcakes, but it's nice to see that one color can be just as fun.


Yum! I usually shy away from color since I tend to screw them up badly but this is giving me encouragement. Thanks for the tute!


This so reminds me of my 80's childhood, when HOT pink was my favorite color, I had a banana seat bike that was purple and rainbows, and anything bright and funky was beautiful. Great girlhood memories!


My daughter's first birthday is on June 30th. This is exactly what I will do for her cake! Thanks for the idea!

Kimberly F

I am completely clueless, and a little slow this morning! I thought ombre might be a color, but I wasn't sure, so I Googled it and found out it was a French card game. After puzzling over that for a minute (are the cards pink? do they traditionally eat cake while playing? we know the French love their tiny cakes!), I realized there must be a different definition. Ha! Now I know.


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