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The kids and I are in Rhode Island spending time with my family, getting our beach fix, and stuffing ourselves with lobster rolls. It’s a good Summer filled with perfect days that are already starting to blend together. Hilarious tiny moments quickly fading in my mom brain into another blurry, yet totally awesome, vacation. As I was telling a funny story to Rick on the phone last night, about something Quinn had said on the beach, I had a sudden urge to document it as a perfect 5 year old moment.

Basically Quinn and I were sitting on the beach looking up at the perfectly weathered beach-front houses, a favorite past-time of mine in fact, and she said Mom, look at those houses right on the beach. I asked her if she too thought it would be awesome to have a house right on the beach and she said, “Well, I’m very excited to go visit my cousin Juliette and if I had a beach house like that, I’m afraid I might forget how excited I am to visit her.”

It was such an honest and wise statement from the heart which I knew I would inevitably forget over time.

While I’m a professional blogger, I don’t blog about my family much, and while I love crafting, I’m not into scrapbooking or keeping a journal so lots of these little memories get lost. Coincidentally, we had just been asked to try out a website called Honestly, it seemed like a lot of work, creating family trees, uploading photos, creating timelines, time capsules and vaults. Phew, it appeared to be for moms much more super than me. But since I had some fresh sweet memories that I wanted to save, I gave it a go.
one day
I uploaded some of my favorite photos directly from Instagram, Facebook and my computer…
One Day
One Day neatly dropped them into my timeline as key events, like birthdays and anniversaries, based on a quick questionnaire which I had filled out during enrollment. You can see that I’m just getting started but it’s so easy and fun to play with.
One Day
Then I played around with their time capsule feature and created one for Quinn, her birth story, for her to open on her 13th birthday. Because there is nothing pre-teens like more than hearing every detail of how their mother birthed them. HAHAHA. Happy Birthday Quinn! I’m sure she will appreciate it some day.
One Day

I can’t wait to drop in photos from all of our big milestones, and also little things I don’t want to forget along the way, with Right now the site is still in Beta so it’s a good time to get in on this fresh new product.

You even get a free lifetime account(up to 25GB) by using the code: Prudent

Now I need to pack up these kids and get to the Aquarium. After all, these memories wont make themselves! XOXO Jacinda

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